zig-ziglarSelling Power Magazine recently ran excerpts from an earlier, four-part series highlighting a conversation between the late sales trainer & legend Zig Ziglar and Selling Power publisher Gerhard Gschwandtner.

In the end, 12 of Zig’s “action tips” for sales professionals are highlighted. Here’s a short list of those tips.

Note how timeless and relevant these still are, and how they reflect and in some cases predict new methodologies such as The Challenger Sale.

Plan your sales presentation in such a way that you communicate to your customer your assumption that he or she is going to purchase from you.

Use several trial closes throughout your sales presentation.

A planned presentation is superior to an improvised presentation. With a plan, you will have a mental road to travel. This will free your mind to observe the prospect’s nonverbal responses.

No attempt to close a sale should be made until you have established value in the prospect’s mind.

If you want to improve your persistence, begin believing in your product, your company and yourself.

If you are using fewer than six closes on a call, you are not giving your prospect a square deal.

Visualize your customer’s taking ownership of your product.

Never underestimate the power of a sincere service attitude. Help other people get what they want. Serve and you will succeed.

A prospect’s nonverbal expressions are often more powerful than words. Fifty-five percent of the prospect’s feelings and attitude are communicated via body language.

When a prospect’s nonverbal signals contradict his or her spoken words, trust the nonverbal signal.

If a prospect goes back to a point covered earlier, help him or her back up the buying decision.

Use the CHEF method for reading closing signals: Chin or Cheek, Hands, Eyes, Friendly.