wheel of destinyI wish I could take credit for this awesome idea, but one of our clients figured it out first.

It’s a small professional services company without a sales staff, but with a great reputation.  Their technical client managers have amazing relationships and referral potential, so a big part of our strategy has been to drive more active networking and social selling habits among a group of people that aren’t naturally inclined to think about this.

We did a social selling training with follow-up & reinforcement among the ranks, highlighting early success stories along the way.  Then one of the company’s partners came up with the Social Selling Wheel of Destiny.

The whole company does a daily huddle meeting every day.  It’s a 8-10 minute meeting to level-set on priorities for the day, challenges or obstacles to overcome, etc.  At the end of the meeting, someone spins this wheel to determine what the day’s social selling challenge is.  It could be reconnecting with an old client, sending a recommendation, following someone new, sharing a good article with someone, etc.

Love this idea and execution.  Makes it simple but fun, and in the meantime reinforces the regular habits and discipline required to make social selling work.

Full image below so you can read the panels a little better.

wheel of destiny