When people ask about your company, most of us by default talk about location, size, make-up.  I hear sales reps all the time brag to prospects about their company growth rate, their recent IPO, their recent awards.

Few people outside of your walls care about most of that.  And even if they do, it certainly isn’t the kind of information that makes them want to learn more, helps them get to know you, or differentiates you in the marketplace.

Instead, I encourage you to answer the “who are you guys” question with one of two angles:

The Founding Story
Is there something unique or special about how the company was founded that blends into your unique selling proposition?  Did the founder start the company after failing to find a solution to your prospect’s problem herself?  Was the company founded on values that align with how you manage the business today, and/or what your clients and prospects prioritize as well?  Enumerating a strong founding story can help make your company feel more approachable, and help increase natural resonance with the prospect’s worldview.

Your Noble Sales Purpose
Why do you exist (other than to make money)? How are you changing the world? What larger problems are you focused on solving?  Read Lisa McLeod’s great introduction to this idea here.  Explaining to prospects first your noble sales purpose is a great way to set a foundation that aligns with both of your needs and desired outcomes.

Worth thinking about…