Guest post by JP Misenas

As marketers, we understand the importance of a qualified lead. We practice lead generation day in and day out, and it isn’t enough for our audience to just fill out a form and join our list anymore. In today’s market, most leads have already made 57% of their decision before you even have a chance to weigh in. So what can marketers do to generate qualified inbound leads?

There are various forms of content available to marketers when it comes to lead generation. Some perform better than others. If you go back to 2013, you’ll see that The New York Times’ number one article wasn’t even an article; it was a quiz.

Quizzes have been performing incredibly well throughout the years as a form of interactive content. With their innate ability to engage audiences in an entertaining manner, quizzes are capable of driving real revenue alongside lead generation. As underrated as they are, quizzes are even capable of “qualifying” people for sales due to its versatility.

Today, we’re going to show you how to create your own quiz through a step-by-step guide along with how to promote that same quiz on social media. Having helped over 10,000 brands create over 25,000 quizzes at Interact, we’ll fill you in on some of the best practices on how to improve the quality of your leads through your quiz, and how improve them even further by following up with marketing automation.

If you think you’re ready to start generating more qualified leads, let’s jump right in.

Creating Your Lead Generating Quiz

Picking The Right Title And Quiz Type

Every component of a quiz is crucial to its entire being. This includes the title, the questions, the lead capture, and the results. Based on titles alone, 80% of readers can already determine whether something’s worth reading. That’s a lot of pressure for a first impression. But who said first impressions were easy?

We’ve compiled some of the best title templates out there, so that you have something to work off of right from the get-go. Try to see which title template will work best for your quiz. It may even help you formulate a concept that you’ll be wrapping around the type of quiz that you want to create (which we’ll get into shortly):

  • The “Actually” Title – There’s a difference between asking a normal question, and issuing a challenge; including the word “actually”is what determines this. Compare the question “How much do you know about content marketing?” to the question “How much do you actually know about content marketing?” That slight difference is what can transform a boring question into something more of a challenge, and no one wants to back down from a challenge.
  • The “Which (Blank) Are You?” Title – This is one of the more common titles you’ll come across on social media. You might recognize it in the form of “Which Disney character are you most like?” or “Which Food Network star embodies your cooking style?” Because of our inquisitive nature, this title template piques our curiosity and encourages us to take the quiz.
  • The “Celebrity Personality” Title – Take the previous title template and substitute the (Blank) with any celebrity of your choice. You’ll be using the same idea as the previous template with the exception of using celebrities instead. Because of how popular celebrities are, this title template has a higher rate of attracting audiences.

quiz pic c singerOnce you’ve figured which title template you want to use, it’s time to settle down on a concept for your quiz. It could be anything from a quiz about your brand or any of the trending topics of today. Whatever your idea is, you’re going to want to incorporate that with the type of quiz you want to create. Here are the two types of quizzes available:

  • The Personality Quiz – The “self-serving bias” makes it so that we as people like to hear good things about ourselves. This type of quiz places people into personality types that generally compliment them based on the answers they gave during the quiz. It encourages social shares so that others can find out what “personality” they fit into. From a marketing perspective, let’s say that your brand focuses on selling beauty products. You could use a personality quiz to categorize each individual, and then offer personalized product recommendations tailored to their style preference based on the answers they gave.
  • The Knowledge Test – Have you ever wondered how much you actually know about a given subject? This type of quiz gauges the knowledge of an audience and delivers results based on accuracy. The knowledge test itself is capable of qualifying leads, and can be used to assess audiences based on their answers. For marketers, this type of quiz can be used to find out how much people know about their brand or their products. It can even be used to test the level of maturity on any given software platform. The choices are unlimited and are left up to those distributing the quiz.

quiz pic chakras
Create Questions That Improve Lead Quality

Once you’ve settled on a title and the type of quiz you want to create, it’s time to move onto the questions. The questions of your quiz will be your opportunity to establish a one-on-one connection with your audience. This allows you to connect with them as a brand, and improve the overall quality of your leads based on your questions.

Depending on the concept of your quiz, think about the questions you want to create. Make sure they’re relevant but entertaining as well. Quizzes are fun, and they’re meant to be taken as a form of interactive content. Here are some ways to get the most out of your questions:

  • Make Things Personal – Literally. Become a part of your quiz and inject some of your personality into it. You can either be yourself, or you could create an entirely different persona. In the end, you want to make your brand stand out, so do what you believe will establish a genuine connection with your audience. Approach them in a manner as if you were talking to them face-to-face at a bar. This sets a more relaxed tone and allows your audiences to get comfortable with your brand.
  • Brighten Your Quiz With Images – A handful of quizzes will remain only in text, and that’s completely fine, but consider using images to liven up your questions. You could include a single image per question just to give your quiz some visual value, or you could have images as answers. It’s entirely up to you. Using images keeps things fun and relevant, and it instantly transforms a boring old quiz into a trivia game of some sort.
  • Keep Things Short And Simple – Not everyone has more than five minutes to kill, so consider keeping your quiz short. People don’t have the longest attention spans anymore, so aim for between 6 to 8 questions. This usually takes people about 2-3 minutes to complete, and that stays right within their window of attention.

quiz pic weekendCreate A Lead Capture With Higher Opt-In Rates

Once you’ve filled your quiz up with questions, it’s time to move forward. Before you direct your audience to their results, let’s make a trade with them. By “gating” the quiz with a lead capture, we’re able to exchange their quiz results for their contact information. It’s only fair. Some brands even include an option to skip this step, but because we’re looking to collect leads, here are a few things to keep in mind to get the most out of your lead capture form, and to increase the rate of opt-ins:

  • Incentivize Your Lead Capture – While exchanging quiz results for contact information may be fair, there’s nothing wrong with giving your audience even more of a reason to opt in. Consider incentivizing your lead capture with offers like a free ebook or an entry into a free giveaway. Most lead captures already include bonuses like infrequent updates or a weekly newsletter. Promise value to your audience by giving them more of a reason to join your mailing list.
  • Don’t Ask For Unnecessary Information – Most lead captures will ask for an email address as the bare minimum. Others will ask for a first and last name to personalize the emails being sent out. Some lead capture forms may even ask for a zip code to find out where people are opting in from. While this is all fine and dandy, be sure to only request information you’ll use. There’s no point in asking for a phone number if you aren’t going to call someone.
  • Be Honest About Your Marketing Strategy – We’re not talking about your entire marketing strategy per se, but just what you’ll do with your audience’s contact information. This is usually highlighted in a privacy policy link. It won’t always be clear to your audience that you’ll be getting in touch, so gently remind them. This not only asserts your brand, but it’ll keep your audience from mistaking your emails as a form of spam.

quiz pic the deal roomCreate Results That Get Your Quiz Shared

After completing your lead capture form, it’s time to give your audience what they’ve been waiting for. The result are just as important as the rest of the quiz itself. This is the portion that typically gets shared throughout social media. In order for you to get the most out of your results, here are a couple of pointers that should be of help to you:

  • Be Uplifting, But Tell The Truth – When it comes to the results, you’re going to want to be as uplifting as possible. Positive emotions promote sharing, so come up with results that evokes positive thoughts. Be sure to compliment your audience, but be truthful about what you say. You don’t want to tell your audience that they’re something they aren’t, unless you’re purposely trying to get them to retake your quiz for a different outcome.
  • Include Share-Worthy Images – As much as we emphasized the use of images in your questions, we can’t stress it enough the use of images in your results. The images you include in the results are what appears first on most social media networks when people share them. That being said, you’re going to want to use attractive images that encourage other people to take your quiz.
  • Follow Up With A Call-To-Action – Until you get in touch with your audience again through marketing automation, don’t let your interaction with them end with the results. Include a call-to-action. It could be a link that leads back to your brand’s website, or even several links that direct your audience to your brand’s products.

quiz pic kermity greenPromoting Your Quiz On Social Media Networks

Now that your quiz is finally complete, it’s time to promote it on social media. This is where your quiz has the chance to go viral. Here are just a couple of the more effective ways to take advantage of social media:

Sharing Your Quiz On Facebook And Twitter

Your audience will share your quiz by posting their results, but when it comes to sharing your quiz yourself, here’s what you have to keep in mind when posting that link:

  • Include the perfect image to represent your quiz, preferably the title page.
  • Be sure to have a captivating headline that encourages people to take your quiz.
  • Share both the image and the caption with a shortened link to track results.quiz pic clutter

Having Paid Advertising Through Facebook As An Option

If your current audience isn’t big enough, using paid advertising on Facebook can remedy this problem. Setting up paid advertising can be a fairly lengthy process, so we’ll quickly break down the kind of reach it’s capable of.

  • Target Audience – The first option is setting up your own target audience. This allows you to choose from location, demographics, behaviors and connections. It’s incredibly helpful. It allows you to zone in on a particular audience based on preference. You can even break down these specifications even further. For instance, we can narrow location down to country, state/province, city, and even zip code. This might come in handy if you plan on targeting audiences based on physical vicinity.
  • Custom Audience – This might sound a little more complex, but it really isn’t. Creating a custom audience is as easy as using a list of customers that you’ve already worked with before. Facebook will take a list that you’ve previously uploaded and will generate a custom audience based on that same list. Quite a neat trick, isn’t it?

Warming Up Your Leads With Marketing Automation Follow-Up’s

Now it’s time to improve the overall quality of your leads. After your quiz goes live with your lead capture setup, you should be able to generate a noticeable amount of leads. We’ll be using marketing automation to warm these leads up. Using this 4-step sequence in the course of two weeks, your marketing automation emails should look a little something like this:

  • Thank Your Audience For Taking Your Quiz – This part is crucial. The moment someone opts in at your lead capture, be sure to send this email out within the first five minutes. The email should say something along the lines of “Thank you for taking our quiz!” This will remind your audience that they’ve signed up to join your email list and will be hearing from you shortly.
  • Introduce The Idea Of Getting Different Results – After a few days have gone by, it’s time to pick up where you left off. Introduce other possible results that your audience could have gotten. This will encourage them to retake the quiz. This email will allow you to carry on from your previous conversation while segwaying into other content. It’s the perfect transition from your “thank you email.”
  • Build Trust Through Case Studies Or Testimonials – It’s always a sound idea to build trust with your audience, so after about a week, send over some customer case studies or testimonials. This will greatly improve the quality of your leads when they learn of the positive experiences other people have had with your brand.
  • Convert Your Leads Into Paying Customers – After two weeks have elapsed, it’s time to close the deal. The previous emails should have warmed up your leads considerably, and by now they should be ready for you. Don’t be afraid to include incentives like a free webinar signup, coupons/discounts, or even other special promotions your brand is capable of. The rest is entirely up to you, so good luck.

Let’s Go Over Everything We’ve Learned

Today, most prospective customers have already made their decisions about brands before they even make contact with salespeople. Generating qualified leads is a tricky matter, and finding content that can consistently perform such a task successfully is rather daunting. But now that we’ve found out that quizzes are capable of such a feat, you learned exactly how to make use of it in your marketing strategy.

We covered the basics of quiz creation. You learned about the various title templates and quiz types available, along with what makes questions so engaging. You also learned how to set up an effective lead capture form, along with how to get the most out of your results. We also went over basic methods of social media distribution and wrapped things up with warming up your leads through marketing automation.

All that being said, you should be able to walk away with enough knowledge to set up your own quiz for your marketing strategy. The type of quiz you create, its questions, and its results will determine how viral it will get, which in turn will affect your leads and the amount that you generate. In the end, try out one of the most underrated pieces of content available, and see if it works out for your brand.

JP MisenasJP Misenas is the content marketing director and audio/visual technician/engineer of Interact, a place for creating entertaining and engaging quizzes that generate email leads. He writes about innovative ways to connect with customers and to build professional long-lasting relationships with them.