A quick public service announcement for those attending next week’s outstanding MarTech Conference, and any others in the midst of determining their marketing (and sales) technology priorities:

It’s easy to get excited about what technology can do to support and accelerate your sales pipeline.  There are numerous tools out there that do amazing things.  Walk the aisles of the event next week and you’ll be inundated with great pitches, great ideas, great potential.

But evaluating technology without context isn’t very efficient nor effective.  Going into a martech event without a firm grasp on your objectives, your existing sales and marketing strategy, as well as your existing prioritized needs, is a recipe for distraction, inefficiency, wasted time and money.

The only technology you need right now is what will support, enhance and accelerate impact of your existing plan, your existing strategy.  Before you attend a marketing technology event, sit through a vendor pitch or pore through Scott Brinker’s new MarTech landscape superinfographic (which this year will feature THOUSANDS of options), I’d recommend you do the following:

  • Objectively review your current strategy and its primary obstacles to success
  • Look at where your current processes are most blocked or inefficient – where are you losing the most time and money?
  • Identify and prioritize those bottlenecks and needs and begin your technology research there
  • Before you make any technology purchase decision, ensure you have the resources internally to launch and support those tools to their maximum impact

Done right, this shouldn’t slow down your marketing and sales technology decision-making and purchases at all.  But it should help you focus on what’s most impactful for you right now and into the immediate future.