Fear of missing out (otherwise known as FOMO) is a real thing.  It makes you anxious about missing that big industry conference, unsettled if you don’t check your email at night, worried about missing tonight’s networking event where you “might” meet your next key employee, or employer, or partner, or prospect…

But sometimes, you should really fear the opportunity cost of giving in to FOMO.

If you didn’t attend that conference, what could you get done more effectively and efficiently from back in the office?

If you don’t check your email tonight, can you instead devote quality time to your family, or friends, or other interests that recharge, fulfill and inspire you?

You can justify tonight’s networking event (and yesterday’s, and tomorrow’s) but what else could you be doing with that time, those resources, that budget to achieve the same or greater objectives?

FOMO is just responding to stimuli around you without necessarily triaging against your objectives and priorities.  It’s giving in to anxiety vs having confidence in the choice you’ve made instead.

And it almost always gives you a lower (not higher) chance of getting closer to your goals.

A week after that “important” conference, nobody will remember you weren’t there.  And just think about what you’ll have and gain instead with the same time?