Guest post by Morgan Ingram, team lead at Terminus and host of The SDR Chronicles podcast

If you watched the Olympics this past summer and saw the track 4×100 relay race you would understand that the handoff between the runners is one of the most crucial aspects of the race. If the handoff is bad, then the whole team will be affected and ultimately end up losing the race. To be effective as a team, the handoff has to be crisp. The same goes with the SDR to AE handoff for the 1st demo. The handoff to the AE cannot be bad because then the AE will have a hard time accelerating the deal and having the right information to move forward to next steps.

In this article, I will talk about three main components that will help ease the SDR to AE handoff which will generate more success for your entire sales organization.

Send a Quick Calendar Invite

I know this seems very simple, however people miss this step of the process. As soon as you get off the call or receive a time through email you need to send a calendar invite ASAP! The reason for this is because you want the prospect to have you on top of mind. So many events happen between the call and your calendar invite so make sure to send that invite swiftly to get the person to SHOW UP. It’s great to set demos, but if you cannot do the handoff properly to where the person does not show up for the demo your work will be for nothing.

The best example of doing a quick calendar invite is when you are getting a demo over the phone. While you are on the phone you can go ahead and send the calendar invite before you hang up. This is super helpful because you will know if this person got the invite and you have confirmation on the phone that the person will be present on the demo. A lot of times people will say they want the demo, but their inbox gets flooded and they miss the calendar invite because it was not swift enough. To not have that happen to you, send the calendar invite right there on the phone so that you create an easier handoff and when the AE listens to the recording of the call they know that this person will show up.

Checkmark the Qualifications

This is a big part of the SDR to AE Handoff, which is making sure that the qualifications are there so that the AE can run with the demo and close it for new business for the company. The qualifications could be the following:

  • Do they have the right CRM?
  • Do they have the right Marketing Automation?
  • Do they have the budget?
  • Are they trying to buy this type of solution this quarter?

Whatever those qualifications may be, as an SDR you need to make sure that you handle those on the front end so that both parties can win.

For example, asking a lot of questions can lead to the prospect qualifying themselves without them knowing that is what you are trying to do. The better you can checkmark the qualifications for the 1st demo, the smoother it is going to go for the AE.

Take Good Notes

I believe that taking great notes is the difference between a great SDR and an average SDR. If you have notes that prepare your AE for the demo, then they will be extremely grateful that you did so. All of the useful information that you can extract from the call or email is crucial because that information can be the difference in proceeding to the re-connect call. It is like football, you can have a great running back but if the quarterback does not know how to handoff it off to his RB how will it be effective? The same concept applies here, take notes while listening to your prospect and set your AE up for success.

For example, during my calls whatever questions the prospect asks me I write it down in the notes. The reason I do this is because if they asked me the question, I know what type of questions will come up on the first demo. The more ammunition you can give your AE before the demo with your notes, the better the call will go and help accelerate the pipeline.

In conclusion, these are the concepts that I believe help the SDR to AE handoff go smoothly and prepare the AE to have a great first demo! In addition, when everything runs smooth both parties can be happy and win together as a team!