We have just released the Marketing Technology Planning Guide to help marketers organize their approach to revenue and marketing operations.

Revenue success is more dependent than ever on effective marketing operations. Today, marketing leaders and technologists have tremendous influence over the success of an organization. Technology enables business processes and customer engagement across the entire customer lifecycle. And marketing technology provides deep insights on the influence and contribution that marketing has to sales and revenue. This is both exciting and overwhelming!

Too Many Options? Too much noise?

Choosing from thousands of marketing technologies overwhelms marketers, especially when combined with tools already used by an organization. With the right approach, a CMO can work with their team to prioritize technology that meets the requirements and revenue goals for their business.

The marketing technology landscape continues to grow and evolve. It’s easy to sign up for marketing services without thinking about data models, integrations, staff training, utilization, analytics, and the customer experience. There are lots of shiny objects and too often CMOs and their managers focus on tactical applications without a strategic vision for the business.

Marketing Tech Planning – 9 Steps to Revenue Operations Success

We have released our Guide to MarTech Planning where we outline 9 steps that are critical for revenue operations and marketing operations success. The 9 ideas we cover include:

  1. The Marketing and Demand Generation Strategy
  2. Internal Organizational Readiness
  3. Current State of Marketing Tech
  4. Map the Gaps and Align with Objectives
  5. Data Management & Predictive Analytics
  6. The Budget Model
  7. Strategic Technology Infrastructure & Integrations
  8. Marketing Performance Management
  9. Execution and Administration

These 9 steps will help marketing execs organize their approach to marketing ops to optimize revenue generation.

Now is the perfect time to Download the new guide here!