By Brenna Lofquist, Marketing Coordinator for Heinz Marketing

There’s been a lot of hullaballoo around marketing attribution this year, mainly because it’s such a large component for any successful marketing campaign.  Attribution connects marketing to sales data including revenue, and that data allows B2B marketers to accurately assess what is working and what isn’t from different channels, campaigns, and even content.

Attribution will continue to be an important factor for marketers as we prepare for the new year. Increasingly more companies are implementing an attribution tool into their tech stack, while companies are also creating their own attribution tools. It will be more important than ever to really think about the aspects of attribution that are going to help your business succeed.

Here are some articles that discuss different topics of Attribution including things to look out for when researching platforms to the different models and how company’s are using them.

B2B Marketing Attribution Models: Who’s Using What and Why?

In this article by Lauren Frye, she discusses the different attribution models and uses data from the 2017 State of Pipeline Marketing survey to see which one people are using most and why. This is a great resource to read into why companies are choosing certain attribution models – check it out!

Beware! Three Risks of Choosing A First-Generation Marketing Attribution Platform

Amelia Ibarra from BrightFunnel discusses some things to be aware of when deciding on which Marketing Attribution platform to implement. This is a great article for companies that are looking to purchase an attribution platform.

Picking the Right Attribution Model For You: Part 2, Multi-Touch Models

Although this blog post from Full Circle Insights focuses specifically on multi-touch attribution models, it goes into great detail about each type and includes examples to give you a better understanding. Each model is broken down into overview of methodology, insight derived, pros, and cons – giving you a great high-level overview.

How Marketing Revenue Attribution Proves Your Value

Rebecca Lee White, while at TrackMaven, wrote this great post on the importance of marketing attribution and utilizing it to justify your marketing budget. She explains her thoughts on why she chooses multi-touch over the other models.

Attribution in Action: How B2B Content Drives Revenue

From our very own – Brian Hansford discusses how to track and report on content attribution. He walks you through some specific reports that we use at Heinz Marketing which provide some great examples if you are struggling to track content attribution.

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