We marketers get bored of things we do too often, especially when shiny new objects appear on the horizon.  But sometimes the tactics we use over and over again are “tried and true” for a reason.

I had the pleasure of speaking at On24’s Webinar World last month, and while there spoke with numerous B2B marketers who still actively and regularly use webinars in their mix.

Their sustained, predictable and repeatable success with webinars was inspiring.  And when I asked them why webinars were still so core to their success and marketing mix, here were the six answers I heard most often:

1. They are infinitely repurposable
Start with a recorded webinar and you’re just a couple steps away from an on-demand video, a podcast, a white paper, a series of blog posts, unlimited quotes and more.  Webinars are truly one of the most efficient and repurposable marketing channels around.

2. They are engaging & humanizing
Even scripted webinars allow people to let their hair down, answer follow up and audience questions, have some fun that makes us sound and feel like real people.  And with today’s webinar trends, the more unscripted the better (more on that below)/

3. You can appeal to short attention spans
Who says a webinar needs to be 45-60 minutes?  Some of today’s most successful webinars are 10-15 minutes long.  Snackable, multimedia content.

4. They are portable
Today’s technology allows you to access webinars anywhere.  Desktop, laptop, mobile, offline in a commuter airline.

5. They are flexible for different stages of the buying journey
One Webinar World attendee told me about thought leadership & insights webinars for the top of the funnel, comparative services and demo webinars in the middle, then customer Q&A events for the bottom of the funnel.

6. They are fast and cheap to produce
Some of the most successful webinars today are nothing more than great topics and engaging presenters.  Minimal slides, some video, great insights.  If you’re spending weeks putting together the perfect slide deck for a single webinar, you’re dong it wrong.

What’s your relationship with webinars these days?