By Lauren Dichter, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

Is there a brand that has a special place in your heart? One that may have its imperfections, but always seems to eclipse them with enjoyable experiences? For me, it’s Nordstrom. Last week I received a pair of shoes in the mail that—GASP—didn’t match! One was a size 6.5 while the other was an 8.5.

Sure, it was disappointing, but it didn’t take away from my loyalty to the retailer at all. Over the years, Nordstrom has cultivated such a culture of putting people first that whenever they make a mistake, I barely even bat an eye.

Can B2B companies achieve a glowing reputation as trusty as Nordy’s? It may require a seismic shift in a company’s philosophy, but it’s definitely possible. And even more importantly, it’s well-worth it. Read the 3 tips below to take your B2B customer experience to the next level.

  1. Commit to designing a CX strategy—and keep people at the heart of it.

The key to a highly effective CX strategy is that it builds emotional connections between company and customer. To more easily develop these powerful bonds, aim to humanize your brand or products whenever possible.

By humanizing their brand and products, Motorola was able to craft a marketing campaign that resonated deeply with its B2B customers from the government and enterprise sectors.

Now imagine your own company. What kind of story could you tell to gain the respect and loyalty of specific segments of your B2B customers? This kind of strategy may demand extreme creativity, but when done right, it results in extreme customer loyalty as well.

  1. Build out your sales and marketing channels.

Fun fact: The average B2B customer utilizes 6 different channels over the course of the decision-making process! It may seem excessive, but companies must follow the B2B consumer’s lead and adjust to this shift.

Meet prospects and customers where they’re at and ensure their experience with your company is special at every point in their buyer’s journey, all the way from browsing your website to speaking with a sales representative.

  1. Embed CX and employee experience into your company culture, simultaneously.

Employees who are satisfied with and bought-in to their employers are more likely to work harder and thus perform better. You’ll get improved business outcomes from the synergy that occurs when happier, more engaged employees converge with loyal, emotionally invested customers!

The risk of not providing your B2B customers with an awesome experience is far too great to ignore; without a solid CX strategy, you’d be leaving potential revenue on the table, and your competition won’t hesitate to run off with your sloppy seconds! So do yourself a favor and don’t procrastinate on your CX—make it a priority now.

Give your B2B company a fighting chance. Give it a competitive advantage that’s meaningful and sustainable.

Give it the power of an exceptional customer experience.

What are the pillars of your B2B CX strategy? What parts of it could use tweaking? Let me know in the comments section!