By Maria Geokezas, VP of Client Services at Heinz Marketing

So much is written about how to instill empathy into marketing.  A quick search online brings up how empathy is used in B2B marketing, how to enhance marketing with empathy, or how to make empathy part of your marketing strategy.  In my experience marketing is empathy.  They are synonymous in business.  If marketing is the connection between the business and the customer, without empathy the business will flounder.

Successful marketers recognize that empathy is embedded throughout the entire marketing process.  They put themselves in their customers’ frame of mind, figuratively walk in their shoes starting with research and strategy development all the way through execution and delivery.

Hopefully, empathy comes naturally to people who have chosen marketing as their profession.  But sometimes it doesn’t and a more disciplined approach to instilling empathy in marketing is needed.  If this is the case, here are some resources to help you develop and use empathy to gain more customers and drive more revenue.

Forrester believes customer experience starts and ends with empathy.

Hubspot provides examples of empathy in content marketing. And Ann Handley of MarketingProfs prescribes pathological empathy as the basis of good content.

Forbes provides guidelines for using empathy to make great marketing campaigns. has their own spin on infusing marketing with empathy

Kapost shares advice for B2B marketers specifically.

Communications for Research explains the role of empathy in marketing research.

The Ladders provides advice for how to “test” for empathy during the hiring process.

What advice do you have for instilling empathy in marketing?