By Stephanie Carrillo, Senior Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

Remember the movie Groundhog Day? Life right now feels like we are all stuck in our very own movie, just trying to find a way out of this situation.

Unfortunately, it sounds like this is our new normal for a few more weeks or more, so it may be a good time to pivot your marketing focus to refine your current programs and to tackle those housekeeping items you’ve been putting off.

Here is a marketing housekeeping list of ideas to keep you busy:

  • Review and make adjustments to your lead scoring
  • Perform a content audit of all your marketing assets to determine gaps. Our approach is to list which funnel stage each piece fits into and what buying committee member it reaches based on their pain points and needs.
  • Clean up your resource center and blog posts by removing any outdated content
    • When removing web pages, it’s essential to do a 301 redirect to direct traffic to a replacement asset or redirect the page to your resource center home page. Never retire a page without a 301 redirect, or you risk impacting your SEO efforts.
  • Work on refining your messaging and improve on it. Here is an excellent article on The Top Ten Principles of Highly Persuasive Messaging. Another great resource is this one on the B2B Messaging Framework.
  • Create or revisit your personas. If you have not taken the time to create personas for your buying committee or have not updated them in a long time, check out our critical elements for personas

At Heinz Marketing, we have also been working from a similar list. Often, these get completed and never revisited. Still, as time goes by, your clients’ needs change, or the nature of your business grows and develops, the original work needs to be updated to reflect those changes.

This list of marketing housekeeping items represents some pipeline development fundamentals and should never be ignored.  Take the time, especially during this uncertain period, to do some housekeeping.

I hope you find this information helpful and wish everyone luck during this time.