B2B Reads: Smart Marketing Planning, Virtual Meeting Mistakes to Avoid, and Office Decor Ideas to Improve Productivity


In addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the Web each week. We’ll miss a ton of great stuff, so if you found something you think is worth sharing please add it to the comments below.

We Live in a New Age of Email Anxiety
It’s so basic, yet can turn into a huge source of stress for people at work—here’s what you can do about it. Thank you for the read, Rachel Feintzeig

11 Home Office Decor Ideas to Improve Productivity
With the COVID-19 pandemic driving more people to work remotely, many marketers have been trying to spruce up their home offices. A good home office setup can boost efficiency and promote problem solving. Thank you for the insightful read, Ayaz Nanji

A Swing and a Hit: 5 Storytelling Ideas to Steal From Sports Writers
Taking a closer look at sports writing and broadcasting and how it can be beneficial for content marketers and their writing. Thank you for the great read, Ann Gynn.

Do Blog Posts Actually Lead to Purchases
Company blogs can be one of the most important channels for hitting goals. Blogs boost your SEO, overall site traffic, and online presence, all potential purchasing leads. Thank you for the insightful read, Pamela Bump.

10 Tips for Boosting Employee Engagement and Creating a Happy Workplace
Mind-blowing fact, the happier your employees are, the more successful your company is. Thank you for the read, Kelly Barcelos.

After the Pandemic: 7 Lessons for Smart Marketing Planning
As the pandemic tide begins to turn, it’s a good time for marketers to reflect on this experience. What lessons did we learn as marketers that could make us better prepared for similar disruptions in the future? Thank you for the informative read, Jean Gianfagna.

How to Learn from the Big Mistake You Almost Make
What if businesses could learn from their worst mistakes without actually making them? How might the same progress and innovation occur, without firms incurring the costs associated with such errors? Thank you for the great read, Kristen Senz.

10 Common Virtual Meeting Mistakes to Avoid, According to Remote
Whether it’s with a single client, a large internal team, or external stakeholders, hosting successful, engaging meetings is an art form.

It takes skill to know how to simultaneously capture attention, inform, be interactive, and leave a lasting impression — it’s really not an easy feat. Thanks for the great read, Flori Needle.

Leadership Lessons from College Basketball
There are many leadership lessons you can learn from even casually watching college basketball. Here are a few that are especially valuable for you to apply in your leadership life and for your development. Thank you for the great read, Kevin Eikenberry

Is April Fools’ Day Worth the Risk for Brands?
Three hundred sixty-four days a year, brands work hard creating content to build and strengthen trust with their audiences. But on a single day in April, many brands suspend those trust-building efforts and throw them out the window by publishing content deliberately meant to fool (or worse, make fools of) their audiences. Thank you for the great read, Ann Gynn.