B2B Resources For The Predictable Pipeline Methodology


By Maria Geokezas, Chief Operating Officer at Heinz Marketing

As a strategic consulting firm, our number one objective is to ensure our people are armed with the experience and know-how to help our clients achieve their B2B goals.  That makes finding the right team members incredibly important.  But once the dream candidate is onboard, we need to ensure our brand of B2B, the Predictable Pipeline methodology, is well trained and adopted.

We work really hard to find and hire the right people.  When considering candidates for Consultant and Engagement Manager roles, we prioritize values fit with our culture over B2B skills and experience.  We believe it is easier to teach someone our brand of B2B, than it is to impart our values.

Once we do find the right people, we invest a lot of time and human capital to ensure their onboarding experience is both effective and efficient.  The faster we can get them knowledgeable in the Predictable Pipeline, the more effectively we can serve our clients.

We have our own proprietary training program that includes 1-on-1 training sessions, videos, a workbook and quizzes to assess knowledge gain and comprehension.  It’s a two-week intensive program that immerses the new team member in our Predictable Pipeline methodology.

Just as important is gaining an understanding for the broader B2B industry and the dynamics that are constantly shifting how modern marketers go to market.  This context is incredibly important to ensure our Predictable Pipeline methodology stays current and is used to develop relevant solutions that actually work when implemented.  For this we encourage new team members to get familiar with external resources and use them as a launching point to build their own B2B resource library to stay current.

What resources do you rely on to keep up with modern B2B practices?