Can ChatGPT Optimize a Marketing Orchestration Workflow?



While it struggles to create a marketing orchestration workflow, ChatGPT can be very helpful at finding optimizations. We cover what qualitative data to use, how to clean it, and how to get the best results out of ChatGPT. Enjoy!

By Tom Swanson, Engagement Manager at Heinz Marketing

Last time we found out that ChatGPT struggles to make a visualized workflow. Today we are digging into whether or not ChatGPT can optimize a workflow based on qualitative data.  Enjoy the video below!

Initial Findings:

  • ChatGPT can create workflows from scratch but results may be suboptimal.
  • Existing workflows ranged from acceptable to chaotic; aim is to optimize.
Heinz Marketing marketing orchestration scorecard CTA

Challenges in Workflow Optimization:

  • Workflow simplicity is key, but bespoke workflows tailored to teams are essential.
  • Qualitative issues arise (e.g., MLT strategy, production constraints, sales discrepancies) affecting workflow efficacy.

Gathering and Analyzing Data:

  • Qualitative data collection methods include surveys, post-mortems, and note logging.
  • ChatGPT excels in analyzing qualitative data at scale, simplifying data cleaning processes.

Workflow Optimization Process:

  • Data preparation involves context-setting and removal of extraneous details.
  • ChatGPT queried for insights on issues in interviews, visualized results (e.g., word clouds, team-specific challenges).

Actionable Insights:

  • Recommendations generated based on real team feedback, enabling prioritization and project sequencing.
  • Notable recommendations include project management improvements and communication channel enhancements.

Conclusion and Next Steps:

  • ChatGPT aids in identifying workflow optimizations but lacks execution capability.
  • Additional applications include analyzing sales data trends for actionable insights.

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