Help your customers buy more


Your current customers love you, but they still may need a little push to buy more (or more often).

Andy Sernovitz (the godfather of word-of-mouth marketing) offered three simple ways recently almost any business can make it easier to buy. My favorite is below, but click here for all three (worth the fast read).

Make it easy to upgrade

One the fastest ways to earn more sales is to make it easy to upgrade your product. Anyone who’s ever bought a domain from GoDaddy knows how enticing a few helpful upgrades can be. From the online shopping cart, GoDaddy offers tons of opt-in upgrades — often with special coupons. You can try adding more sales on top of existing ones with some helpful upgrades, a great extended warranty, or some relevant accessories.

The Lesson: Earn more sales not by creating new products, but by giving fans the chance to upgrade what they already love.