Lisa’s App of the Week –



This app of the week features—manage your email subscriptions and easily unsubscribe from what you don’t want.

By Lisa Heay, Marketing Planning Manager at Heinz Marketing

If you have a tendency to sign up for every email subscription that crosses your path, is for you. I’ve used it for many years now to organize the promotional emails I receive—and this time of year, with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Holiday sales in full swing, some retailers are sending several emails per day. I want access to the coupon codes and to see the latest products, but a clogged up inbox stresses me out. I don’t need 7 emails a day from you, Old Navy…

Even on a normal day, I’m inundated with newsletters, marketing emails and promotional offers from dozens of companies—some I want to hear from (I’m looking at you, Costco!) and some I don’t (hey, how did I get on this list??)

Once you grant access to your inbox, it crawls your emails for subscriptions and presents them to you in an alphabetical list. From there, you can decide to unsubscribe from the emails you don’t want in one fell swoop, add the subscription emails you do want to a daily rollup email, or simply keep them routed to your inbox. rollup

For those that you’ve added to your rollup, you’ll receive a single daily email, highlighting the subject lines and sender.  If something catches your eye, you can click to open the email in a browser tab, or navigate to the “” folder in your inbox where all of these messages have been routed. Nothing is deleted from your inbox until you say so, but it’s automatically organized and out of sight.

Owned by NielsenIQ, the application is free to use, but full transparency—NielsenIQ uses the data it gathers from commercial emails (not your personal ones!) in your inbox to build measurement products that provide insights into consumer trends (minus your name and address). Learn more about their data usage here. is available for Google mail, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud and AOL, and there are apps for both Apple and Android. Check it out, and spend your time this holiday season on the communications you care about most.