“MOVE: The 4-Question Go-to-Market Framework” – A Summary of Sections 4-5



This post details some of the takeaways from the third section of Sangram Vajre and Bryan Brown's "MOVE Framework", teaching business leaders the questions they need to ask when reimagining scaling their go-to-market initiatives. Section 3 of the book dives into the MOVE framework, the "how" and the following blog post (next month), will cover the remaining two sections.

By Brenna Lofquist, Senior Marketing Consultant / Client Services Operations at Heinz Marketing

Finally, the last post of the series to summarize the book “MOVE: The 4-Question Go-to-Market Framework” by Sangram Vajre and Bryan Brown. There’s so much great content in this book it’s taken three blog posts to go through it – I highly recommend you get a copy and read it yourself.

If you’re interested, check out the first two posts that summarize sections 1-3 of the book. Summary of sections 1 and 2 and summary of section 3.

In the first post you’ll learn about some of our values at Heinz Marketing and hence why we started a book club. The short version is we want to keep learning and improving to better serve our clients.

Let’s get into it!

Orchestrating Your Next Move

Up until this point in the book, they’ve provided all of the pieces for the framework. Now, they dive into talking about aligning the key stakeholders on the role of GTM.

  • Investors: The Guide
    • Their job is to help the CEO by empowering them to own the GTM. Their bird’s-eye-view  of what’s working and what’s not across their portfolio is invaluable to the teams they are investing in.
  • CEOs: The Owner
    • The owner of the GTM. This might be new to some people, you may think GTM is execution however, it’s time to change perspectives. The CEOs role is alignment and transformation. They are often focused on strategy but not the alignment or execution of that strategy. It’s the CEOs job to look further ahead than anyone else and to make sure they aren’t introducing chaos to the company.
  • CMOs: The Galvanizer
    • Their main focus is revenue. They need to balance marketing across the entire revenue pipeline, not just the top of the funnel. The CMOs are there to move the company forward.
  • CROs: The Orchestrator
    • For some, the CRO role will need to be reimagined. In addition to driving sales, they must now take charge of the customer success team. This ensures that there is one revenue number all teams are working towards.

Once everyone is aligned on their roles in the GTM, you can layer on the framework and you’re ready for action.

Putting the Framework into Action

In section two of the book, they provided everything you need to know to determine where you are on the maturity curve, as well as what it will take to progress to the next stage. Then, in section three, they provided the MOVE framework, which provides three key questions for figuring out your next step.

They bring all these components together into an assessment that should be completed with your teams. This will help you to figure out where you are right now so you can begin to strategize on how to get to the next stage. The book provides clear steps on how to get from point A to Z and makes it very actionable for you and your team. Now you just have to put in the work to get there!

To summarize

At the end of this process you should be able to identify where you business is, what your GTM focus needs to be, and what your team should look like according to the MOVE framework. Take it step by step; you don’t have to get it all done right away. In the book, it mentions the main thing to worry about right now is understanding what your focus is supposed to be and making sure you nail it.

The MOVE framework will feel and look different depending on which stage your business is in. In the ideation stage it’s going to be quite broad and that’s okay. As you apply the framework and move to the next stage, you’re narrowing that broad market focus and further optimizing your strategy.

We highly recommend checking out this book! Be on the look out for a summary of our next book club book.