New Research: The Future of Event Strategy (How Marketers are Maximizing ROI with Virtual & Hybrid Events)


By Jamie Montoya, Client Engagement Manager at Heinz Marketing

In our latest crusade to learn more about how marketers are navigating virtual and hybrid event waters, we teamed up with ON24 and Market2Marketers and asked 200 B2B marketers about their thoughts on the future of marketing events. Click here to access the full research report.

According to our new research, virtual and hybrid events will have a strong foothold in the event landscape/space in 2021 and beyond. It is clear B2B marketers see the ROI of virtual and hybrid event programming. As physical events make their way back to the scene, those who adopt the best practices from digital event transformation of the past year and a half will have a clear advantage over those who do not.

So, how do B2B marketers feel about virtual and hybrid events?

Virtual Events

97% of marketers are satisfied with the performance of their virtual events. Similarly, 75% agree that virtual events are easier to scale, provide greater reach, and contribute significantly to the pipeline compared to physical events.

Hybrid Events

Marketers overwhelmingly agree that hybrid approaches will be widely used in the coming years. In fact, three-quarters of respondents are planning hybrid events of their own within the next 12 months. Respondents are excited for the opportunity to integrate marketing technology, enhance real-time connection with attendees, and analyze engagement data to increase engagement strategies.

The Future of Event Strategy

Connecting all events – virtual, hybrid, and physical – will prove to be a vital strategy to B2B marketers and event organizers. To understand the latest insights on future event strategy, download the full report now and learn:

  • How digital events impact a marketer’s world — from pipeline and sales to branding and partnerships
  • How marketers plan to use digital and hybrid events to enhance their event portfolios
  • Key recommendations on when, where, and how to use hybrid and virtual events for both B2B marketers and event organizer