The Power of the Pivot: Why Adaptability is Essential for Marketers


By Michelle Voznyuk, Marketing Specialist at Heinz Marketing 

Marketing today is not a “one size fits all” approach. There is not a singular formula for success.

Your strategy incorporates many different factors: your customers, budget, resources, etc. But a wrench could be thrown into the mix at any point, forcing you to deviate from the plan. It’s how you react to those situations that determines your success.

Being able to roll with the punches and pivot when necessary is essential. In fact, according to, adaptability and change management are among the top professional skills businesses look for when hiring new employees this year. Knowing how to adjust to new conditions including changes in technology and customer behavior is what keeps organizations at the cusp of innovation. And those that fail to innovate run the risk of falling behind.

Just like times are changing with COVID-19, buyers’ expectations are evolving as well. They have higher demands than ever before. And not only is that so, they are constantly being bombarded by businesses trying to get their attention. Learning how to adapt is what allows you to establish competitive advantage and break through the noise.

I know it can be difficult, especially when you are someone who likes to stick to the plan. But being flexible to change is a part of life. And being resistant to it only makes your job harder. Marketers who understand this will be able to think more creatively and provide their customers with more opportunities.

Scrapping your original strategy might be frustrating and feel like a waste of time. But as Auguste Rodin once stated, “nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely”.

There are so many benefits that can come from shifting or starting over. You gain more insight into what your customers want and can better provide what they’re asking for. Additionally, you can save money as you’re no longer pumping cash into something that isn’t working.

As you continue strategizing for 2022, remember to stay open minded. Not everything is bound to go according to plan. But that’s ok! You still have the opportunity to hop back into the driver’s seat as you continue charting new territory.