What B2B Leaders Need to Know to Adapt, Act, and Grow in 2023



Miss our recent CMO roundtable "What B2B Leaders Need to Know to Adapt, Act, and Grow in 2023"? Learn key takeaways from the discussion and how you can keep up with today's evolving business landscape.

By Brittany Lieu, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

Interested in hearing seasoned CMOs’ insights on 2023 go-to-market strategies?

If you didn’t get a chance to join us live for our recent CMO roundtable, we got you covered.

After attending this year’s Forrester Summit, Matt Heinz (President of Heinz Marketing) and Domenic Colasante (CEO of 2X) continue the conversation off-site and online by inviting fellow CMOs Todd Grantham, Kerry Desberg, and Helen Baptist to the chat.

From tiger teams to “marketing mischief” and AI, they explore hot takes and practical ways for contemporary marketing teams to approach change, trust, and complexity to drive success forward.

In this recap, we highlight three compelling sound bytes from this roundtable:



“I call it the boil the ocean problem. We as marketers are supposed to see around the corner and … our mindset is to be ahead and look at the entire ocean.” – Todd Grantham

Transformation takes time, sometimes years, and as leading marketers, we have to find the time and resources to split our priorities between now and later. As companies invest in long-term change, it’s crucial to not only stay rooted in the long-term vision but to incorporate an urgency to try new things. As Matt says it’s important to strike a balance between working ON the business and IN the business. Whether it’s adopting an agile methodology, revaluation of resources, or operationalizing a “Tiger Team” (a specialized cross-functional team), the daily commitment to change will help your team achieve small wins without rushing to scale.


“We are a human-first business.” – Helen Baptist

As we track progress toward our bigger strategic vision with small wins, admit where you suck. By “whiteboarding’ the full demand generation production line and identifying weak spots, you create visibility and accountability for every step of the process. We are a human-first business that not only sells to humans but is run by humans. Creating full transparency across your organization and establishing trust is the key to navigating the madness as a team.



“Don’t be afraid of AI, it will help you jump higher, run faster, and lift more.” – Kerry Desberg

How do you work through the complexity of doing B2B GTM well? What separates the most successful companies building predictable outcomes from those that still struggle with random acts is the embrace of complexity and the acceptance that hurdles lie ahead. To avoid endlessly flailing in the complexity, having the right owners within revenue ops, marketing ops, and marketing leadership in place creates ownership for each part of the process.

Generative AI has also been a hot topic, bringing into question who and what is going to do the execution. As we begin to focus on data and technology to orchestrate growth, technologies like AI help us, the real humans, brains, and doers, drive better results.

Want to watch the full webinar for more context around each of these highlights? Watch it here.