Heinz Marketing Inner Circle: Finding Your Ikigai: Navigating the Intersection of Passion, Purpose, and Profitability for B2B Success


As part of our exclusive community for both current and past clients, you’re invited to connect with some of the most practical and insightful minds in the industry so you can up level your business and career growth with real-world advice that makes actually makes a difference.

Join us every second Wednesday of the month 11am-12pm PT | 2pm-3pm ET.  For Current & Past Clients of Heinz Marketing, Reach Out for an Invite.

On June 12th, Keith Roberts, Co-Founder of the Oak Journal, keynote speaker, and author will join us.

Here’s what we’ll learn together:

  • Ikigai Unveiled: What it is and how aligning passion, purpose, and profitability can redefine your approach to B2B success.
  • Practical Alignment Techniques: Learn tangible strategies to align personal passions with organizational goals to foster resilience, motivation, and engagement.
  • Tackling Industry Challenges: Gain insights on leveraging your Ikigai to confidently navigate industry challenges to transform obstacles into opportunities.
  • Renewed Sense of Purpose: Renew your sense of purpose, ensuring you’re equipped to seize opportunities with enthusiasm and strategic clarity.

This may just unlock the keys to a more fulfilling and successful B2B career and life!

If you’re part of the Heinz Marketing family and haven’t joined the HM Inner Circle, you’re missing out! Reach out and we’ll get you registered so you won’t miss another one.