If you’ve spent any time working with sales, you know it’s an emotional job. Highs and lows, oftentimes a lot of drama, and a high-touch role to manage (both for sales managers as well as from peer to peer).

Those who have never held a sales role probably don’t understand exactly why sales is so emotional. But it’s that very emotion that makes the best sales professionals so good at what they do. It makes them push through the rejection, the cold calling, the hard work every day to make money.

I asked a good friend and top sales pro why it’s such an emotional job. Here’s her answer:

What other department in a company puts a board up on the wall and writes for everyone to see if you are doing your job well? If you look at any sales board in any sales organization you can tell who’s having a good day, week, month and year.

One of my favorite managers of all time called it “the self esteem” board. In sales you make a choice to step out and be willing to fail in front of the whole company. When you choose sales, you choose being vulnerable.

Why would you want to do that? Because the feeling of success is so much better because it is written on the board. It’s taking a risk and winning that makes me choose sales.

You need more sales people like this. You need more people throughout your company like this. I’ll take the emotion all day long if it comes with sales and results.