There are hundreds of socially-oriented sales & marketing tools for B2B professionals on the market today, with a focus on helping find, nurture and close more business. Some are specific to mobile devices, others attach to CRM or marketing automation platforms, some are focused on helping individual reps while others maximize results for entire sales teams and management.

You can spend hours a week researching and testing these tools, and it’s not entirely a bad idea for your sales and/or marketing operations staff to do this.

Luckily, there are companies and influencers who also do that for a living. Last month, several smart sales influencers joined InsideView for a Webinar featuring 32 recommended social selling tools, now available in a tight, efficient best practices guide. And in a couple weeks, on February 14th, DocuSign and LinkedIn will host another highly-recommended Webinar featuring 10 more tools to accelerate your sales efficiency and success.

I’ll be sharing four particular tools on that Webinar, but below are 10 more tools I wanted to highlight as well.

Great, easy service to stay in touch with the people who matter most to you. Great features in the paid version, but I highly encourage you to sign up for the free version first which includes a morning email highlighting people you haven’t contacted via email in some time. Each morning, I guarantee you’ll find someone worth following up with.

The easiest way possible to generate appointments for yourself. Put your TimeTrade link in your email signature, on your Web site and elsewhere. Prospects can put themselves on your calendar in available windows that you choose. Brilliant.

Want a smarter, harder-working email signature? Check out WiseStamp to add your social media links, recent blog posts and more to every outbound email you send moving forward.

Before you reach out to a new prospect, make sure you know everything about them from across their social channels, as well as who in your own company or network has the strongest relationship with them currently. Literally never cold call again if you’re using this tool for the right context as an ice-breaker.

Social CRM is finally here. Nimble does a great job helping you manage prospects across your social networks. Allows you to easily manage partner relationships, prospective employees and more as well.

Want to find more people on Twitter who focus in a particular area, or work at a particular company, or have the same interests? Use TweetAdder‘s profile search tool to narrow lists based on profile keywords and location. Then, systematically follow a queue of prospects a handful at a time each day. Great way to find interesting people to follow, and start growing your follower list at the same time.

Do yourself a favor, take all of your good content and put it up on SlideShare. PowerPoint decks, videos, PDFs, even Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. Anything that could have value to your customers. Then enable LeadShare, with optional registration forms on your content that generates more leads for your pipeline.

Your one-stop dashboard for managing, communicating, listening and filtering information across the social Web. Works for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare and more. Even if you’re not active on social channels, you’re crazy not to use HootSuite (or TweetDeck) as a listening platform for prospective buying signals.

Morning Coffee (Firefox) or Daily Links (Chrome)

Forget having to remember checking up on all of these tools every day. Just remember a single button in your browser. Morning Coffee works great for Firefox, opening a browser window for everything you want to do or remember that day. Pick every day, weekdays, Tuesdays, whatever you want. Daily Links does the same for Chrome.

I hope you can join us on February 14th as well for even more recommended social selling tools. Click here to register.

  • Katy

    Leadspace is another tool that gets widely adopted by many B2B companies that wish to target the most relevant prospects based on people’s online presence and how closely they resemble ideal buyer personas.

    • We just signed up for Leadspace at Eloqua. Looking forward to finding more relevant buyer contacts by searching for the attributes of our best EloQueens and EloKings!

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  • Josh Druck

    This is a nice list. I’m a HootSuite user myself. Enterprise style I might add.
    It’s something I check everyday and it makes my social listening much easier. TweetAdder was good back in the day, but it’s falling behind and fast. I’d let that one go.

    Slideshare is killing it in the SEO world and gives Tweets quality rich data which I love to see as a content marketer.

    But those are all top of the funnel tools.

    For me, I like to use the bottom of the funnel deal closing software/tools. I don’t just want to listen, I want to prospect and ultimately close deal, boost revenue and sell more using social. Let’s be honest it has to scale.

    Thanks so much for this awesome list and giving us some of your experiences.

    – @JoshDruck ( )

  • sonibvc

    Unfortunately there is too much noise on social media today. It has become almost impossible to get attention and sell anything. This is what happens when channels get saturated. It pushes people to try and get more and more creative which only leads to higher costs in terms of time and money for a smaller and smaller reward. The most effective way and the only way that has held true for thousands of years is direct communication with the prospect. The best platform for that is LinkedIn. The only valuable aspect of LinkedIn is the ability to connect to your prospect and start a conversion via chat. The system is simple. Send an invitation to connect and once accepted, introduce yourself to the prospect via chat. Then, try and move the prospect to continue communication via email or phone as soon as possible. Here is how I work and I get results:
    1. I send out 50 invites a day. Out of these 10-20 will accept which equals to 200-400 new prospects a month.
    2. I will then send a short intro message to the prospect introducing myself and my company (using to automate this as it can become frustrating rather quickly)
    3. As soon as I feel the prospect is interested enough to continue the conversion, I try and get him to continue on email or phone.
    It is simple, free and most importantly – effective!


    If you’re serious about engaging your target audience for sales/lead generation but not having success with cold emails, check out HighTouch.

    Intelligently engage your target audience on LinkedIn at scale: