Buying a car isn’t about the body or the engine.  It’s about how you feel inside.

The difference between a taxi and a Lyft isn’t really about price.  It’s about the experience.

Tiffani Bova, in her time as a distinguished fellow at Gartner and now as an evangelist at Salesforce, has seen countless companies let alone industries fall to the wayside by focusing on product and features while neglecting experience.

She’s also seen companies obsess about experience and run circles around companies that technically might have a superior product.

And it’s the lessons from B2C companies, she says, that are most relevant (and increasingly urgent) for B2B companies to adopt.

Tiffani shared several of these examples at last week’s Zoominfo Growth Acceleration Summit, and is working on a book highlighting further examples and lessons.

“The lines between B2B and B2C are blurring, and it’s now B2E – business to experience,” she said.  “We are all consumers in our personal lives of course, and we bring those personal expectations into our business lives.

“Isolating a B2B buying decision or journey is where we get trapped.  You cannot separate them anymore.”

One of the largest obstacles to companies truly investing in experience is the difficulty in measuring its impact.

“How do you really measure customer experience?  Just because it’s hard to measure doesn’t mean it’s not important,” Tiffani said. “But in a lot of ways, customer service is the new sales organization.  And you can’t fake this.  It has to be central to your approach, to your culture, to be effective.”