By Josh Baez, Client Engagement Manager at Heinz Marketing

The customer experience is continuously shifting – and it’s been further amplified and accelerated by COVID-19. Now, in the throes of digital transformation and workforce innovation, B2B companies are faced with a future-defining decision: sink or swim.

Buyer enablement, customer success, revenue acceleration – in the digital age, this all relies on so much more than random acts of marketing and unsolicited sales calls. And with the likes Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify redefining what a frictionless experience can look like, buyers have come to expect increasingly personalized and affirmative experiences from every company they now do business with.

To break through the surface, sales models must be re-molded to fit a digital-first reality.

Your customers have changed, and the way they make decisions and purchases have changed too. Gartner says that only 17% of the buying cycle is spent actually talking to sales. Yet simultaneously, this greater access and complexity has left buyers paralyzed to act – spending up to 15% of their time simply prioritizing and reconciling the information they’ve gathered.

The imperative for B2B companies to enable their buyers has never been stronger. It’s easier than ever for buyers to find the information they need to make decisions independently. And in today’s digital era, sales’ role isn’t simply to sell, it’s to lead, guide, and enable better decision-making. In a world of information overload, it’s up to B2B sales teams to serve as the expert guides that help buyers navigate this increasingly complex environment.

To lead the customer-first revolution, B2B sales teams require solutions that enable a customer-first approach. But what do these solutions look like? And how can B2B companies adapt their sales models to confidently charge ahead?

To answer those questions and more, we’ve launched a brand new survey to explore the impact of sales productivity in the digital age.

Our research with Drift and Sales Benchmark Index (SBI) aims to identify the biggest challenges for sales leaders today, and to uncover new ways for sales to better engage their buyers and accelerate revenue across the funnel. It also covers:

  • How sales solutions impact your ability to reach, sell to, and serve your buyers.
  • How this digital-first environment has changed the way you sell.
  • How sales productivity has changed in the wake of COVID-19.
  • The future outlook of sales leaders with Conversational Sales.

How has B2B sales changed in the digital era? Lend your voice to define the answer! With 2021 just around the corner, the time has never been better to start planning for what the future might bring.

Take the survey here. (It should only take about seven minutes to complete). Survey participants will receive a copy of the report when it launches in early 2021. And, by completing the survey, you’ll be invited to an exclusive, respondents-only Q&A webinar with Heinz Marketing, Drift, and Sales Benchmark Index where you can ask questions and learn how to better engage buyers and accelerate revenue across the funnel. The survey ends December 3.

Help define the future of sales. Take our survey on sales productivity in the digital age.