B2B Reads: Adapting sales approach in a downturn, building an online community, communicating change and more


In addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the web each week. We’ll miss a ton of great stuff, so if you found something you think is worth sharing please add it to the comments below.

B2B marketing and the rule of three in a recession
As we emerge from the market disruption of pandemic lockdowns into a world of supply chain shortages and looming recession, B2B marketers could be forgiven for feeling at best uneasy, and at worst panicked. But in uncertain times, there is comfort – and strategic direction – to be found in ‘the rule of three,’ writes True founder Richard Parsons.


Adapting Your Sales Approach in a Downturn by Scott Edinger
We’re all familiar with the aphorism that “A rising tide lifts all boats.” But just because the economy ticks down, doesn’t mean your business has to do the same. Plenty of organizations increase revenue, expand margins, and launch new products successfully in challenging economic times. In this piece, the author offers three strategies to help your sales organization succeed during a downturn: 1) Involve executives earlier in the sales process. 2) Break out of price-driven sales cycles. 3) Refocus sales managers on planning, not selling.


What Blew My Mind at the 2022 Sales Success Summit
Sales Success Summit 2022: Big ideas and takeaways. The summit was packed with brilliant speakers and great ideas. Here are a few that stood out according to Kendra Fortmeyer.
(All presentation videos are available for free on demand.)


Council Post: How To Build An Online Community As A B2B Marketer by Forbes Councils Member Kathyrn Strachan
No matter what brand you represent or what your company values and goals are, we’re all generally looking for the same thing: to expand our audience and gain more sales. As marketers, it’s all we think about.  While we continue to see brands investing heavily in digital marketing and advertising, many are starting to make the move toward community-based marketing, seeing an opportunity to make real connections with their customers, gather insights and data, and use this to create better products and services.


One tip for leaders trying to communicate organizational change by Moe Carrick
Leaders need to be able to communicate new changes across their organizations. Moe shares how to translate your communication in a meaningful way.


Good leaders know when to delegate — and when to not
In most cases, it’s counterproductive for executives to involve themselves in the details. But it can be a win for organizations in certain circumstances. Authors  Rachel Burstein, PHD and Venessa Peters Hinton, PHD share a great example.


How to create a stunningly successful B2B content strategy in 2023 by Margo Waldrop
Margo helps guide B2B content marketers on how to write good content, and how to build a successful content strategy in 2023.


3 Best Cold Calling Scripts and Tips by Erica Schultz
When used correctly, cold calling is a key way to break into corporate accounts and begin a relationship. In fact, the death of cold calling is one of our 5 common sales prospecting myths.


Q&A: Influencing through story
An excellent transcript of the Q & A following Patti Sanchez’s talk titled, “Influencing through Story”.


What Too-Tight Pants Taught Me About Changing My Goals
Facing a Challenge? Change the Situation, Not Yourself – Career and Workplace Expert and Speaker, Multigenerational Work Expert, Lindsey Pollak inspires in this article.


5 Predictions For B2B CMOs To Win In 2023 according to Forbes Contributor, John Ellett
Forrester is predicting five significant changes for next year. Read to learn what they are.  As marketing leaders are planning their strategies for dealing with the uncertainty of 2023, it’s time to put the customer at the center of the planning process.


How to make web accessibility a part of digital marketing efforts
Accessibility experts share tips for digital marketing teams on how to make campaigns more accessible to people with disabilities.