B2B Reads: Audience Analysis, Insight Selling, & People Development


In addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the web each week. We’ll miss a ton of great stuff, so if you found something you think is worth sharing please add it to the comments below.

B-to-B Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Boring
Most people believe B2B marketing to be dry and dull, however what researchers have found leads to this assumption is that it’s not the product or services offered that are causing this image, but how it’s presented. Thank you, Natalie Diamond, for breaking these ideologies down. 

5 Metaverse Trends for Brands to Watch
The most important takeaways from the Ad Age In-Depth: Unlocking the Metaverse event where Metaverse leaders all connected virtually were the upcoming trends that brands need to keep an eye out for. New shopping behaviors informing commerce, NFTS enriching communication amongst brands and consumers, how increasing safety encourages diversity, brand preparation for potential scams, and requirements of agencies to deeply understand their clients were all large discussion points that brands must be aware of. Thank you, Asa Hiken, for summarizing the key takeaways of this event. 

How to Handle and Adapt to Conflicting Opinions Successfully
Through our varied life experiences, we all have different beliefs, skills, and thoughts that are brought to conversation and can oftentimes lead to differing opinions. This article discusses the positives of these conflicting ideas as there is greater opportunity in our disagreements. Some ways to meditate these discussions going too far include starting where it’s safe, having leaders go first, and practicing cuing for conversation. Thank you, Lis Kislik, for highlighting the positives of our diverse opinions and finding ways to solve them, 

How to Conduct Effective Audience Analysis in Six Steps
As audience analysis is the identification of various data points including attitudes, behaviors, and interests of a particular group, it’s able to help businesses understand their current and potential customers. If done well, audience analysis can generate insightful data that can help grow companies significantly. Read more to understand how to conduct this effectively. Thank you, Carlos Serra, for laying out your ideas and research in six easy steps. 

Three Questions that Lead to Better Meetings 
Many workers are frustrated by the immensity of meetings they must attend weekly and believe many of them lack purpose. To maintain employee engagement during required meetings, it’s important to clearly state a goal to be achieved by the end of the meeting and understand what they should think, feel, and do after the meeting has concluded. Thank you, Eblin Group, for helping us be more productive with our meetings and time. 

How to Ease Back into Traveling for Work
Transitioning back into traveling for work after the pandemic is more difficult than many expected. On top of monitoring travel restrictions, quarantine requirements, and COVID risks, individuals are struggling with basic travel tasks like efficient packing and modifying their schedules with time changes. Use strategies such as evaluating the benefit of travel versus remote, sizing the investment, pacing yourself, and leaving margin to help simplify your travels. Thank you, Elizabeth Grace Saunders, for shining light to this unexpected, yet important topic. 

My Week Without Email and Slack
With the advancement of technology and today’s society, we are in constant action mode and our weekends and vacations are often filled with work even though their intention is to take a break of rest. This article discusses how the leader of RadReads took a disconnected vacation and the important takeaways he learned about being present. Thank you, Khemaridh Hy, for sharing your week of disconnection with us. 

Sales Psychology: 3 Questions to Change How Buyers Think
Insight selling focuses on reshaping the way buyers think and driving change through the value that they provide rather than simply closing the sale. Broken down into three stages follows disrupting buyers current thinking, reframing any issues, and directing for action. Read more to understand the three questions to this insight planning. Thank you, Erica Schultz, for educating us on how to be great sellers. 

How Busy Managers Practice People Development
People development is the heart of organizational development and this is universal for all companies amongst all industries. Busy managers care about this because it increases overall efficiency, innovation, and productivity in the workplace. Thank you, Dan Rockwell, for reminding us of what’s important in business.

The Change Leader’s View: Why Sustaining Relevance Matters
In a business context, relevance is understood as the pertinence customers ascribe to a company’s offerings. Relevance is short termed due to its definition by stakeholders and losing relevance is often unintentional. This matters because the correlation between revenue and relevance is strong and it starts with an organizational vision. Thank you, Dave Coffaro, for this insightful post full of interesting and robust information.