B2B Reads: Boost Team Morale, The Meme Theory, & Mental Prisons


In addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the web each week. We’ll miss a ton of great stuff, so if you found something you think is worth sharing please add it to the comments below.

Igniting You Next Growth Business
Your company’s future performance may well depend on your ability to position the corporate portfolio ahead of trends. One way to do that is by expanding into new business areas. But how do you determine how far to venture from your core business, and in what direction? Thank you for the great read, Chris Bradley, Rebecca Doherty, Anna Koivuniemi, and Nicholas Northcote.

The Surprising Way to Boost Your Sales Team’s Morale
We all know that happy, motivated, and proud salespeople tend to be the same ones who deliver the results. There is a plethora of different ways to boost morale in you sales team, most of which, you’ve probably tried and maybe didn’t see noticeable improvement but there’s one tool, often used for other purposes, that could motivate and inspire your team. Thanks for the read, Colleen Francis.

The Meme Theory: How Brands Can Tap Into Internet Culture
Sharing memes is a fun way of communicating with people and lots of brands see this as an opportunity to engage with their audience. Consumers are potentially more likely to share a hilarious meme than spend time reading wordy ads, and brands can generate awareness through memes fairly inexpensively. Thank you for the great read, Amy Houston.

For Entrepreneurs, the Benefit of Slowing Down
Sometimes we need to proceed forward slowly and steadily to win the race. Here are a few benefits to slowing down and where to focus that energy. Thank you for the great read, Jeffrey Bussgang.

How Marketers Can Make the Most of Small Hybrid Events
Hybrid gives us so many chances to take all of that in-person rapport we know and love, and combine it with the incredible audience engagement we’ve achieved with digital experiences. We can finally have our cake and eat it too. Thank you for the great read, Jay Shojaee.

Too Many Zoom Meetings? ‘Core Hours’ Keep Some Remote Workers Productive and Sane
As a new era of remote and in-office work begins, some companies are trying to bring definition to daily schedules—by making some hours off-limits for meetings. By having certain hours, or days, when everyone is “on,” the idea goes, employees have more freedom and flexibility to do solo work the rest of the time. Thank you for the great read, Aiyana Ishmael.

No Time To Create Content? Turn One Webinar Into Nine Marketing Pieces
Call it “marketing insurance,” if you want. It’s there to pick up the slack on the days or weeks when you just don’t have the time to create marketing collateral and other content. Thanks for the great read, Colm O’Regan.

The Worker-Employer Relationship Disrupted
The pandemic strained and tested the worker-employer relationship beyond anyone’s anticipation. Going forward, thriving in an uncertain future depends on having a compelling vision for where that relationship should go. Thank you for the great read, Erica Volini, Jeff Schwartz, Kraig Eaton, David Mallon, Yves Van Durme, Maren HauptmannNic Scoble-Williams, and Shannon Poynton.

The Closing Gap Between B2B And B2C Marketing | Branding Strategy Insider
Some of the key rules for effectiveness in B2C marketing also apply to B2B. A study in 2019, concluded that five practices in particular – routine to B2C marketers – are also common to the most effective B2B marketing case studies while hardly being utilized by B2B marketers. Thank you for the great read,Mark Choueke.

The Mental Prisons We Build For Ourselves
Though we like to think of ourselves as free, many of us are confined to a mental prison we’ve built for ourselves. Our most vicious jailer is our unhealthy “self-talk”—our inner critic that savagely sabotages us with haunting doubts and harsh judgments. We’re our own worst enemy. Thank you for the great read,  Gregg Vanourek.