B2B Reads: Slay your to-do list, hold onto your marketing budget in a downturn, find the perfect social media audience and more


In addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the web each week. We’ll miss a ton of great stuff, so if you found something you think is worth sharing please add it to the comments below.

‘Reverse mentorship’: How young workers are teaching bosses By Nicole Kobie
Traditional notions of mentoring are top down: senior leaders guiding lower-level staff. But the tides are changing – and younger workers are now teaching up.

Where Authentic Leaders Invest Their Time
Steve Keating asks “So where exactly does a leader find future leaders in their organization? In a word, everywhere. Read on to learn how.

Not Enough Hours in the Day To Slay Your To-Do List by Nir Eyal
Something has to give. You have to prioritize some activities over others—or else you’ll be spread too thin to dedicate yourself to anything fully.  Read on for a simple strategy to identify and honor your priorities.

How To Make Thought Leadership Content Thoughtful and Leading by Greg Levinsky
Thought leadership content? It’s a common part of the job, but do you do it well?

Professional People Skills: 6 Ways to Respond to Chronic Fault FindersKate Nasser
Chronic fault finding comes from fear, selfishness, and low emotional intelligence. When you face that negativity, your self-confidence, optimism, and emotional intelligence rise above it and enable a professional people skills response. Read 6 ways to respond.

Personalization has changed the face of e-commerce – SmartBrief written by Raj De Datta
If brands were on the fence about whether or not they should prioritize investments in their digital experience, the answer is a resounding yes. But, where should brands focus within that experience? The answer is personalization.

Holding Onto Your Marketing Budget in a Downturn by Janet Balis
Most marketers know that when the economy turns, their budget at risk. So with today’s economic uncertainty, volatile markets, inflation, and more, what should marketers be doing now? Based on her experience in media and marketing through different economic cycles, the author offers six actions for CMOs to consider as we face a potential downturn.

How to Find a Perfect Audience on Social Media [Infographic]
Reaching the right people with your social media campaigns is key to improving efficiency and driving better results. So, how do you figure out who to target? This infographic from Bang Productions explores how to find a perfect audience on social media.

The Most Common Myths about Purpose By Gregg Vanourek
Many people struggle with knowing their purpose. It can be confusing, unclear, and intimidating. Here we bust the most common myths about purpose.

3 tips for practicing compassionate communications – Ragan Communications – By Jennifer Mooney
With compassionate onboarding and consistent comms, you can boost employee morale and retention.

4 ways to ease the workplace squeeze – SmartBrief
Julie Winkle why it’s time for leaders and individuals alike to recognize the natural tension that exists – and to ensure that they’re taking steps to appease the unease of the squeeze.

3 steps to quell “quiet quitting” and resignations – SmartBrief
Gloria St. Martin-Lowry shares what you can do about the new era of work, where no matter how hard some companies might fight it, to be successful, managers must understand the necessity of flexibility and support for employees.

Procter & Gamble, Airbnb, other larger advertisers, see marketing opportunity amid inflation pricing By Seb Joseph
Advertising is more strategically important than ever because they need to push through larger than expected price hikes on the back of their strong brands. Which means those holding the purse strings at these companies are having to think differently about ad spending.

3 expert tips to maximize your presentation rehearsal time (& when to stop rehearsing) By Nicole Lowenbraun and Josh Storie
The most effortless speakers are not the ones who are naturally gifted. They’re the ones that put in the practice. They’re the ones that take rehearsal seriously.

Seeking Higher Ground? How Your Company Can Embody Purpose Posted by The Chief Outsider Rich DePencier and Philippe Harousseau
Today’s stakeholder – from investors to the end consumer — wants more than words on a website with donations. You can no longer treat purpose like a random act of marketing – it’s not a holiday event, a shared promotion, nor a one-off community workday. It must be a part of your DNA.