Carly’s App of the Week: Dynamic Yield



This week's App of the Week features Dynamic Yield

By Carly Bauer, Marketing Coordinator at Heinz Marketing

Customer transactions are no longer simple. They require an enduring relationship that is built for them through personalized experiences. To build sustainable revenue growth now and for the future, you must embrace building customer loyalty through memorable experiences. For this week’s App of the Week, we are featuring  the all-in-one experience optimization platform, Dynamic Yield.

Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield is a platform focused on personalization, helping businesses across industries deliver digital customer experiences that are personalized, optimized, and synchronized. With Dynamic Yield, marketers, product managers, developers, and digital teams can algorithmically match content, products, and offers to each individual customer to help accelerate revenue and grow customer loyalty.

dynamic yield logo

Built for industries like

  • eCommerce
  • B2B e Commerce
  • Financial Services
  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Grocery
  • Travel
  • iGaming
  • Media

Be able to

  • Create customer-centric web experiences
  • Personalize emails with no code builders
  • Optimize mobile app experiences
  • Improve customer acquisition results through your ads


Summary of Core Capabilities


Unify customer data across all digital and offline touchpoints and utilize it to power your marketing ecosystem.

  • Capture person-level data, no matter the source.
  • Build complex segmentation and targeting customers.
  • Identify and personalize for anonymous users.
  • Share audience segments between sites. 
  • Achieve site-wide personalization through affinity targeting.
  • Compare audiences and get real-time sizing analyses. 
  • Automatically uncover deeper segmentation opportunities. 


Personalize every interaction to deliver an optimal customer experience at scale across web, mobile, email, and ads all together in one platform

  • Transform static content into personalized experiences 
  • Tailor page layouts and designs 
  • Rank product listing pages per user 
  • Target users sitewide by affinity sitewide
  • Personalize the journeys, not individual touchpoints 
  • Define event-based triggered messages on apps and email 
  • Deploy adaptive recommendations 


Turn product recommendations into your competitive differentiator, with deep learning algorithms, powerful statistical engines, merchandising control, and cross-channel support.

  • Predict customers’ next purchase through deep learning
  • Deliver journey-aware product recommendations
  • Adapt recommendation layouts according to context
  • Configure algorithms to enhance product recommendations
  • Enrich recommendation algorithms with offline purchase data
  • Fuse multiple recommendations strategies
  • Deploy recommendations on both client – or server-side


Capture your customers’ attention with personalization at every critical moment.

  • Personalize navigation categories by each customers affinity
  • Target different promotions to different audiences in the same email
  • Deliver 1:1 personalization within Dynamic Content
  • Recommend the most relevant products for each customer
  • Sophisticated segmentation, designed for precision targeting with person-level behavioral data from your site
  • Easily build stunning, personalized emails that will grab their attention
  • Provide market-leading recommendations powered by deep learning
  • Trigger targeted emails and push notifications on a one-to-one level based on real-time behavior


Experiment anywhere on your digital properties with great agility, more confidence and less risk with enterprise-grade optimization and A/B testing software.

  • A/B test any experience on any channel
  • Optimize journeys, not just single pages
  • Unlock revenue optimization opportunities with AI
  • Move beyond A/B testing with sophisticated targeting
  • Improve performance with an agile statistical engine
  • Client- and server-side A/B testing together in one platform

Customer experience is everything when it comes to building sustainable revenue growth and creating long term customers. Organizations not only need to be innovative but agile to minimize digital disruption in their customers’ journeys. Companies, who are often hindered by inadequate tech stacks, lack of resources, and insufficient in-house expertise can benefit from a tool like Dynamic Yield and other platforms like it to deliver more tailored seamless interactions with their customers. To see how Dynamic Yield compares to other similar platforms, check out – Monetate, Adobe Target, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization, Optimizely Web Experimentation, and Nosto to find your right fit.