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Guest post by Robert Pease, CMO Practice Lead – Heinz Marketing

I spent several years working directly with marketing automation technology on the vendor side so understand the potential benefits as well as difficulties that can arise when heading down the path of marketing automation.

As such, I spend a great deal of time tracking innovation and new players in the space.  One that caught my attention recently is Mautic.  So much so that I reached out to founder David Hurley to learn more.

Mautic is a full-featured marketing automation platform that is an open source alternative.  Open source products are interesting and thrive when the user base has knowledge of what a product can do, has an interest in working together to improve it, and want to benefit from the collective effort and innovation.  It is also “free” from commercial licensing terms and available to anyone who chooses to use it.

mautic screenshotHere is a great summary of the product and its value by David over on Quora “What is your experience with using Mautic?” including this quote:

“The idea is simple: creating a powerful marketing automation tool which is available to everyone. Previously the marketing automation market had been restricted to larger companies (or at least companies with larger marketing budgets). There was nothing for everyone. There was no “WordPress” for businesses in the marketing automation space.”

Here is a link to a pretty detailed review of the features and capabilities.

This is not for everyone especially if you are new to marketing automation and just looking for a free solution. Yes, open source software has no cost but you should be motivated by wanting the cutting edge features and better experience driven by the community vs. just seeking the lowest price point.  Definitely check out Mautic.