I’ve been a daily user of Nuzzel for years now, feeding me with a regular set of content that’s most relevant to my existing social network.  The content popping up typically represents the diverse interests of my network as well – some of the content is B2B sales and marketing related, some is popular culture news, celebrity gossip and more.

While I still love seeing that feed, I’m excited about Nuzzel’s new Media Intelligence offering.  You tell Nuzzel the category, industry or keywords you’re most interested in.  Then daily (or in real-time if you like) you’ll see related news, trends and insights specifically in that area that your network is buzzing about.

In testing Nuzzel Media Intelligence myself across a couple different categories, I am regularly finding content I simply was not finding elsewhere.  Good, relevant stuff that makes me smarter and feeds my content curation engine.

Definitely worth checking out.