By Lisa Heay, Marketing Planning Manager at Heinz Marketing

I’m less than a year into a new role managing a team of consultants at Heinz Marketing and I am very much learning as I go. 8 months in, am I an expert on the subject of management? No. Will I ever be? Also no. But I’ve learned a ton and have been scouring the internet for resources to add to my queue.

For all of you out there in a similar situation, I wanted to share some of the resources I’ve turned to over the past few months.

8 Management Tips for Marketers Who Lead Marketing Teams by Heinz Marketing’s own Maria Geokezas, VP of Client Services. I might be biased, but Maria is a great manager and knows a thing or two on the subject. In this post, Maria discusses eight management tips that might help new and experienced marketing managers alike:

  1. As a manager of people, you better like working with people.
  2. Recognize your role as a manager of the team and be comfortable with it.
  3. Behave consistently with your organization’s values.
  4. Create an organizational chart and make sure everyone on the team knows where they are on the chart.
  5. Be clear about how the team will communicate with each other and with clients.
  6. Outline the basic processes that make the work flow.
  7. Recognize the effort your people put into their work.
  8. Make it safe to fail.

In Six keys to delivering better feedback, Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing summarized managing director of CRA’s Leadership Practice Michael Friedman’s six keys to delivering better feedback:

  1. Essential tone of feedback vs accuracy/utility
  2. Ask a question
  3. Balance critical feedback with compliments
  4. Feed “forward” in feedback
  5. Be a “more of, less of” leader
  6. Big picture, small correction, big picture

G2’s Learning Hub also highlights 15 Leadership Skills for Career Success (As Told by Managers). Their research indicates that companies are not only looking to promote people with the right job qualifications, but more importantly, looking to see if they have the right soft skills to be a good leader. Things like problem-solving skills, social ability, communication style, etc.

Another great resource is the American Management Association’s blog. In Five Fundamentals for New Managers, they walk through five must-have characteristics and traits of a good manager, of which their advice to think of yourself as a team leader versus “the boss” resonated with me the most.  Be honest and show compassion, set clear expectations, and stay positive round out their five fundamentals.

Some other articles on my list:

And, if you’re local to the Seattle area, here is that New Manager Development workshop I attended earlier this year through Swift HR Solutions. I’m planning to attend their Next Level Management training in November – maybe I’ll see you there! If not, stay tuned for more insights. For those of you not local to Seattle, I highly recommend searching for something similar in your area to attend in-person, but Swift HR does also offer an online portal for self-driven learning.

No matter how much I read on the topic, hands down, the best resource I’ve had on this journey has been the opportunity to observe and learn from many, many smart and generous leaders throughout my career. I’ve been fortunate to work for some stellar people along the way (you know who you are).

I’m eager to learn more – what are your go-to management resources? Send me your best advice!