B2B Reads: Defining Habits, Human Capital, and Overthinking


In addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the web each week. We’ll miss a ton of great stuff, so if you found something you think is worth sharing please add it to the comments below.

When Quiet Quitting Is Worse Than the Real Thing
In this article for the Harvard Business Review, Anthony C. Klotz and Mark C. Bolino offer insights into “quiet quitting,” a term that’s taken professional circles by storm. Klotz and Bolino offer three different strategies in this article for both employees and leaders. The authors write: “this trend has the potential to harm not only employers, but employees as well — and it’s up to leaders to understand and address its root causes.”

Humanizing human capital to make dollars and sense
In this blog post, Solange Charas and Stela Lupushor take a look at human capital, and the importance of “optimizing the return on investment in human capital” from leaders. They offer several developments in this space, and discuss how they’ve changed the landscape of human capital.

How Finance and IT Can Collaborate for Growth
In this piece, Adam Zaki offers solutions for increased collaborating between finance and IT departments in an organization. He notes: “Connecting finance and IT teams enables the CFO to provide strategic advice when IT purchases and implements new software.”

Is Your Communications Plan Telling or Communicating?
In this article, Tim Creasey offers a framework for effective change management, citing that “during times of change organizations often develop and execute communications plans without regard for a change management framework or perspective.” He offers four pivotal re-framings of a change management plan that help to connect more with the individuals they hope to serve.

You are what you do
In this blog post, Erica Pandey touches on the importance of habit-formation. She notes how our habits define us, and why making sure we’re developing positive ones is so valuable. Pandey offers some of the top pieces of advice around habits, which include: “Be specific, start small, and do it daily,” among others.

How to Easily Make YouTube Shorts With Your Longer Videos
In this blog post, Anna Sonnenberg provides a easy-to-follow tutorial on you can transform longer YouTube videos into bite-sized “shorts.” Sonnenberg offers 3 reasons why prioritizing YouTube shorts is important within a social media strategy, and then moves into the steps of creating YouTube shorts from existing video.

Three Reasons You Must Take Your Vacation
In this piece, Kevin Eikenberry provides three reasons for everyone to take their vacation. He notes that it will improve your ability to be a leaders, it gives you the chance to do important thinking, and that it provides you with the opportunity for new experiences and connections, which all ultimately help your ability to be a leader.

Why Overthinking Costs Us Our Best Decisions?
In this article, Lison Mage looks into why overthinking plays such a large role in stopping effective decision-making. She calls on several examples of people who are successful decision-makers, and offers tips for swifter action and less overthinking.

The Problem with Lack of Focus—And How to Fix It
In this blog post, Gregg Vanourek explores the growing issue of focus, and how you can take a hold of your own focus. He identifies some of the factors affecting this lack of focus, and why that poses a problem to professionals today. Finally, he offers 24 different ideas for how to develop more focus day-to-day.

Will brands make the transition to using more authentic, less polished content?
In this post, Arik Hanson discusses the future for brands, and their use of “authentic, less polished content.” Hanson offers three strategies for companies “to embrace more authentic social content.”