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Some of our favorite B2B sales and marketing posts from around the web this week.

Every Saturday morning we share some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the web from the last week (so it’s fresh!). We’ll miss a ton of great stuff, so if you found something you think is worth sharing please let us know.

Is Outbound Sales a Relic of the Past? Exploring the Future of B2B Sales and Marketing By Olivia Erimsah
When was the last time you woke up without an email, DM, or LinkedIn invite from someone you’ve never met, asking you to consider a demo call? Is outbound sales still effective for anyone? Many in the field assert that “Outbound sales as we know it has expired.” Olivia explores why this sentiment is becoming widespread and what it implies for the future of B2B sales.

Siloed Sales & Marketing Killing B2B Growth? Here’s the Fix By Dean Spencer
By fostering collaboration, creating targeted content, and nurturing leads effectively, B2B organizations can unlock sustainable growth and forge lasting customer relationships.

Navigating The Intersection Of ABM & Demand Generation In B2B Marketing By Kelly Lindenau
ABM and demand generation campaigns should go together like peanut butter and jelly — but oftentimes, that’s not the case. Between misaligned teams, different objectives and just an overall misunderstanding of each strategy’s responsibilities, the waters get muddied around the true role of each. Read on for insights shared at the 2024 B2B Marketing Exchange West.

‘Focused on completely the wrong thing’ By Paul McIntyre & Brendan Coyne
B2B marketing set for a ‘renaissance’ if marketers, sales teams decouple from individual lead ‘obsession’ to the buyer groups who influence a company purchase. Here’s the conversation that puts the hard data on lead generation.

Why Ebooks Are Your Best Bet For Driving Leads And Sales In 2024 By Renae Gregoire
If you’re a B2B marketer looking for more leads and sales, ebooks should be your go-to content medium. Netline’s 2024 Content Consumption Report reveals that ebooks are still the most popular type of B2B content, with a 34.5% increase in registrations year-over-year.

B2B Channels Producing Leads with the Highest ROI Articles [CHART] By marketing charts
The channels that B2B marketers believe produce leads with the highest ROI.

Why CMOs at top US advertisers are leaving their roles sooner  by Meaghan Yuen
The CMO role is evolving amid the rise of AI.  Perhaps C-Suite retention strategies are warranted?

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