B2B Reads: Engaging Digital Audiences, Compassion, Seven Tests of a CEO


In addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the Web each week. We’ll miss a ton of great stuff, so if you found something you think is worth sharing please add it to the comments below.

Six Insights-Driven Best Practices For Sales And Marketing Leaders
Insights that drive sales and marketing to the best-fit and most lucrative targets should be clear, right? Here are a few practices that can be helpful for Sales and Marketing leaders. Thanks Forrester

5 Reasons Why a Virtual Workforce Could Be the Key to Enhanced Customer Experiences in 2021
Remote work has risen rapidly as a result of the pandemic and has given us a sudden preview of what the working world of the future might look like. Majority of hiring managers say their workforce will be more remote moving forward. Thanks for the insight, Ryan Fyfe.

The Seven Tests of a CEO
Seven tests that really all leaders face in one form or another. Thanks for the read, Michael McKinney

3 Playful Content Marketing Examples Show Brands Getting Their Game On
Looking outside your content team for inspiration, cooperation, and fan-friendly competition can be a fun way for content creation and delivery. Here are some examples via the Content Marketing Institute team

Content Marketing and Thought Leadership: What’s the Difference?
You may think these two concepts are one in the same but they’re not, so what is the difference? Thanks for the read, Daniel Rosehill

What Clubhouse Can Teach Brands About Engaging Digital Audiences
We’re all desperate for meaningful, engaging experiences, especially in our oversaturated digital world. Maybe an app that provides a social experience that feels more human will help. Thanks for the informative article, Karen Staughton.

Delivering Compassion Compassionately
Discover the importance of how compassion can combat the key reasons why many managers and employees suffer burnout. Thanks for the insight, John Baldoni

The Go Big or Go Home Myth of Leadership Risk-Taking
The “Go Big or Go Home”  approach to leadership risk-taking is in reality a mythical approach to success in business that creates a stereotype of what a “successful” business leader looks like. Thanks for the article, Jennifer V. Miller.

COVID Killed the Traditional Workplace. What Should Companies Do Now?
We can’t expect to go back to the old ways of office life but there are new ways to do work that keep employees happy and productive. Thanks for the read, Dina Gerdeman

Creating More-Inclusive Workplaces: Four Key Factors
The key factors linked to creating an inclusive workplace primarily involve the identity and actions of an organizations’ leaders. Thanks for the insightful article, Ayaz Nanji.