Whenever there’s a new trend or channel or strategy spreading across the B2B world, inevitably a set of “guides” start appearing as forms of content.  Many of these guides are outstanding in their ability to teach people the basics of the new idea, what it means, how it fits into the broader marketing framework, etc.

What too few of these guides do, unfortunately, is show people exactly what to do next.  How do you get started?  How do you structure the new initiative?  What have past people done and used to be successful out of the gate?

Strategy is great, but give me the tactics please!

That’s exactly what we’ve developed in conjunction with Integrate for account-based marketers.  This comprehensive workbook is 27 pages of specifics and eight separate worksheets to guide your implementation of account-based marketing (ABM).

Included in the workbook is:

  • A lead-opportunity close goal model
  • A monthly & weekly progress measurement model
  • A kick-off agenda for sales & marketing teams
  • Role assignment table
  • Content map by buyer’s journey stage
  • Persona template
  • ABM tech vendor checklist & technology table
  • Much more

If you’re implementing ABM now, or prioritizing it in your 2016 plan, get your free copy of the workbook here.