Heinz Marketing has released our 2017 Marketing Performance Management Report.

We surveyed over 250 B2B sales and marketing pros to learn how they achieve and measure revenue success. Through their insights we’ve learned how B2B marketing teams are managing, optimizing and reporting their results under increasing revenue accountability.

Our research shows the best-performing companies have marketing organizations that share revenue accountability with sales teams. Companies are missing sales goals when their marketing teams don’t have revenue accountability or responsibility!

2017 Marketing Performance Management Report Highlights:

• 64.2% of respondents report their marketing organizations have increased revenue responsibility and are achieving or exceeding revenue goals
• 71.3% of marketing organizations have increased accountability for revenue goals
• 61.8% achieve or exceed revenue goals because their marketing org has increased revenue accountability
• 63.6% experience improved sales performance their marketing org has increased revenue accountability
• 75% do not achieve revenue goals when marketing doesn’t have increased revenue accountability
• The #1 ranked success factor in achieving revenue goals is an effective marketing and sales partnership

Marketing Performance Management (MPM) measures how demand generation contributes to overall sales revenues while looking at customer touch points, campaigns, channels, budget, and timelines. Without MPM, marketers are guessing at campaign performance and where revenue was influenced and by how much. Strong MPM practices, team alignment, and revenue accountability are emerging requirements for a company’s success!

We invite you to download and read our report. Let us know your thoughts and feedback.