By Brenna Lofquist, Senior Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

During the past few months while working from home because of COVID-19, we at Heinz Marketing, have been fortunate enough to continue working with our clients. There have been slow times which has given us a chance to work on other, non-client related projects, such as The Heinz Marketing Quarantine Cookbook. Totally random, I know but just go with it!

Before I talk about the cookbook, I’ll share a little background about how the cookbook came to be…

Everyone at Heinz Marketing has an interest in food or cooking, whether its learning a new technique or trying a new restaurant, it seems to be a commonality across the team. Before quarantine, when we could be in the office, eating lunch together, and talking, our lunch time conversations usually involved talking about food at some point. Whether Josh made an adjustment to his chicken and rice dish (that he eats every day), or Maria microwaving leftovers telling us “Sorry guys, it might smell” but in reality, I was sitting there wondering what it was because it smelled delicious – there were always discussions about food.

At one point, Josh even created a Google Sheet to inventory restaurants he’d visited or wanted to try, and he let me add to the list. You could find restaurants by location, type of food, and even Josh’s rating. We even talked about creating an infographic at one point to showcase different restaurants in different neighborhoods but that didn’t make it past the ideation phase…maybe another time.

We use Slack at Heinz Marketing, mainly to communicate internally and sometimes we’ll share channels with clients. We had a #potluck channel where we’d coordinate potlucks at work, who’s bringing what, what type of food, etc. Since we’ve been working from home that channel morphed into #food and then #food-drink. We’ve used the channel to post pictures of recipes we’ve made, gadgets we’ve purchased, and our failures and accomplishments. It’s been a fun way to interact with everyone while we can’t be together physically and what’s better than bonding over food and drinks!

And that’s how The Heinz Marketing Quarantine Cookbook was born!

One day in the #food-drink channel, Maria had the idea to make a Heinz Marketing cookbook. I offered to head up the project, I thought it would be fun and something different from my usual client work. I sifted through the channel to gather everyone’s recipes and spent a few weeks collecting recipes from the team. Josh helped with the copy, he’s better at writing than me, we formatted the dang thing, found some images and off to the designer it went!

Sharing food we’ve made and recipes we enjoy has been a positive light during the hard times we’re all experiencing. It’s a way to still feel connected but also to share and talk about things we love and who doesn’t love food!

So, take a break from your usual workday and check out our cookbook! We have everything from breakfast to sides, soups and salads to grilling and barbeque, slow cooker/instant pot recipes to baking and drinks…. of course! Check out the Beyond Quarantini, a.k.a. Drinks, section to find some great cocktail submissions from Matt – the Quarantine Coffee is my favorite.

Download your copy here (there’s no form, don’t worry)

We hope you enjoy!