I’m all for agile marketing, and don’t really believe in long-term detailed marketing plans anymore.  Iterative execution with regular review & optimization cycles are common and preferred in today’s fast-moving B2B environments.

However, too often this year I’m seeing marketing departments who favor agility but really lack any cohesive strategy, organization or direction.

Tactics can be agile.  Your ability to move quickly on new ideas or opportunities can be agile.  But behind that agility needs to be a strong strategy – with firm objectives, strong customer/target personas, and a general sense for how you’re going to market.

Strategies can be agile as well, there’s no value in sticking with something if the market and your results are telling you it simply isn’t working.  But agility itself is just spinning.

You might get lucky and happen to spin in the right direction, but I wouldn’t take those chances.