The volume of businesses using appointment-setters as a core part of their lead generation, as well as the number of companies providing such services, has been accelerating in the past couple years. Many more sales organizations are evaluating appointment-setting as a stand-alone function (either via an in-house team or through an outsourced group).

Whether you decide to test or scale appointment-setting in-house or via a third-party, you need to make sure the costs are worth the leads and subsequent pipeline contribution. Below is a simple model I’ve used to stress-test this, at least on paper. It assumes an in-house appointment-setter who ramps over an eight-week period, increasing daily dials at the same time he or she increases live call to appointment conversion rates.

Of course, these metrics assume you still have something valuable to offer in the appointment (ideally not just a demo), and the appointment-setting function still needs to be tightly managed not only to each metric in this waterfall but to the nuances at each step that make it work (talking points, urgency, voice, objection-handling, etc.).  The sample below is in PDF format; email me if you’d like the original Excel version.