I have a problem with the whole idea of “product marketing”. Not the function, but the title.

Nobody really markets the product and does it successfully, because your buyers don’t care about the product.

Successful marketing focuses on the people using the product – their needs, their priorities, their pain. The more you understand the people and their problems, the more likely you’re going to build the right product in the first place.

And if you follow that chain (people, problems, then product) you’re in a far better position to create interest, preference and closed business.

Too many marketers today take the product or service in front of them and build their marketing by describing it. What it does, how it works. Features, and benefits of those features.  But that’s not what your customers want to hear, nor what they want to buy.

Narrow your focus on an audience that has a need. Focus on people and problems, either before or (even better) at the expense of talking about the product.

If your prospect believes that you understand them, their problems and where they’re interested in going, you’ll earn the opportunity to talk about the product. And when you do, that conversation will already be in the right context to compel the sale.