030509peeve-01By Nichole McIntyre, marketing coordinator and lead management genius at Heinz Marketing

Creating an effective nurture campaign is definitely a science. With customers and prospects having so much more control over the buying cycle, how do you effectively nurture a prospect and measure it?

Nurture campaigns are a great way to move prospects through the sales funnel, educate, and create a relationship. But how do you create a great nurture campaign? Sometimes it is easier to say what not to do, than what actually to do.

Here are 10 things not to do in your nurture campaign, representing some of our biggest lead nurturing pet peeves (sarcastic commentary included):

  1. No segmentation necessary – just throw all your contacts in one large bucket and assume the messaging still fits.
  2. Make your contacts fill out the same form every time – since we need to gather the same information multiple times and make them fill it out every single time. Tracking through clicks or blind form submissions is lame!
  3. Don’t personalize it – make them feel unimportant.
  4. Don’t try to lead score them – too much work. That’s what the salespeople are for.
  5. Be sure the “from” address is a “noreply@” – because who wants to receive those obnoxious replies anyways?
  6. Second time is a charm – After going through the campaign once, if they have not responded, send them through the exact same campaign again.
  7. Link to content not on your site – who needs to track downloads anyway?
  8. Play hard to get – Provide an obnoxious 1-800 number to call in your signature. Works every time.
  9. Emails only – Don’t incorporate any other channels.
  10. Use a linear-one-path-fits-all process – After all, the sales funnel is linear! Not to mention the fastest way from Point A to point B is a straight line, duh!

OK, now that this is out of my system, what are some of your lead nurture pet peeves?  What have you seen in other campaigns that drive you nuts?