10271c-foodgroups-pkgThis analogy was new to me until earlier this month when Jason Miller from LinkedIn shared it at a content marketing summit in San Francisco. He created this while at Marketo, and for anyone struggling to create the right mix of content types it’s a great set of basic guidelines.

Don’t take this too literally, it’s not a pyramid and can’t guarantee long life, but worth checking out.

Raisin Bran
Content that’s easy to dish out on a regular basis, relatively good for you, helpful for readers but isn’t fussy and is relatively quick to both create and consume.

Sunday Roasts
As the name implies, these are less frequent but meatier topics and treatments. More thought leadership, longer posts, based on or highlighting research, etc.

This is the stuff that’s really good for you, sometimes difficult to chew and now the tastiest parts of the meal, but fundamental to getting your job done better, faster and more successfully. Think best practice guides, recommendations for new strategic focus areas, etc.

Tabasco Sauce
Creating a little fire, a little controversy, doesn’t hurt anybody. In fact, stirring up some emotion and interest is a great way to get more readers and comments.

Empty calories but still fun, and everybody likes cake right? These can be your “fun Friday” posts, or photos from a recent customer event, or tips to make the world’s best nachos, etc.

What do you think?  Is there a food group missing?  And if you were to build this into a pyramid, which food groups would you want to see more frequently?