Two weeks ago Ann Handley joined us in Seattle for two amazing events, in part to promote her new book Everybody Writes.  I still think it’s one of the most important content marketing books I’ve ever read, not only because it encourage everybody (no matter your background or skill set) to become better writers, but it also significantly expands what most people consider to be content.

To reinforce that last point, Ann’s presentation featured a still image from the original animated movie The Lion King, in which a young Simba sits atop a cliff with his father overlooking their kingdom.  The line Ann plays off of from the movie (“Everything light touches is your kingdom”) clearly applies to what content is as well.

Think about it, well beyond your next blog post or white paper or video.

That email you’ll write in a few minutes?  It’s content.

The copy you throw onto your product order form? Content.

The chochkie you choose for your next trade show?  How you choose to decorate your office or cubicle? What’s included in your email signature? How you answer the phone?

All content.  All opportunities to impress and motivate and mobilize your customers and prospects.

It’s often the content we don’t typically think of as content that becomes our weak point.  That diminishes the value and strength of our overall message and brand.

All of it matters. All of it is content.