At some point before the end of the week, give this a shot.

Turn off your computer, put your phone in airplane mode, shut the door.  Isolate yourself with no distractions.

Put a pen and paper in front of you on a desk.  And shut your eyes.

If you’re meditating at this point, you’re trying to still your brain and thoughts.  But I actually want you to try the opposite.

Let your brain go where it goes.  Use the pen and paper to write down whatever comes up.

David Allen calls this a brain-dump at the beginning of his Getting Things Done (GTD) process.  There are tons of ideas, projects and tasks in your head that simply need to be documented in a trusted system.

Whether or not you’ve used the GTD system is besides the point here.  Even if you use GTD or a similar system, I bet you rarely sit quietly and let your brain think for you.

I don’t do this often enough.  The random but important things that come up in my 15 minutes of quiet often surprise me.  Everything from blog post ideas to errands to gift ideas for the kids to client opportunities etc.  The mundane may save you and the breakthroughs will inspire you.

If you try it, I’d love to hear in the comments how it went…