By Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing

“How I Work” is one of my favorite recurring features in Inc Magazine as well as via Lifehacker’s This Is How I Work Series, and recently several sales experts (including  Anthony IannarinoDave Brock and Trish Bertuzzi) participated as well.

Periodically moving forward we will feature a new B2B sales, marketing or business leader here answering what have become the standard “How I Work” questions.  You can catch up on everyone we’ve featured thus far in the “How I Work” series here.

This week I’m thrilled to feature Sangram Vajre, co-founder and CMO for Terminus, one of the companies leading the account-based marketing (ABM) technology movement.  Sangram has in very short order made Terminus and his “Flip My Funnel” methodology as close to a household name in B2B circles as you can get, with a combination of his content, his events and his enthusiasm.

Sangram hosts an ongoing series of ABM events nationwide, speaking and writing constantly while driving growth of his team and ABM platform.  Suffice it to say, Sangram gets stuff done.  Here in his own words is how he does it.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Current computers: Mac

Current mobile devices: iPad, iPhone

What apps/software/tools can’t you live without? Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack (I can live without emails, but, unfortunately, the world keeps sending me emails)

What’s your workspace like? Fun. I don’t have a desk which keeps me on my feet and allows me to make real connections with new members on the Terminus team, regardless of department, every day.

What’s your best time-saving shortcut or lifehack? List three priorities every day and make sure I do my best to finish them up. The list can keep growing but your priorities shouldn’t.

What everyday thing are you better at than anybody else? Understand what’s important and what’s not. Also, making sure I am helping people around me become successful.

What’s your favorite to-do list manager? Slack. I have a private channel for myself that I send notes to.

What do you listen to while at work? Rocky theme song. Keep my blood pumping!

What are you currently reading? #Askgaryvee

What’s your sleep routine like? 11 pm to 6 am

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Always hire people smarter than you.

Anything else you want to add? I firmly believe in challenging the status quo and something I’d love to see myself and others do more often. It’s far too easy to follow others footsteps. Creating your own path is more satisfying.

Fill in the Blank: I’d love to see BLANK answer these questions.  Lynn Vojvodich, CMO of Salesforce