The State of Pipeline Marketing Report is an annual study of over 350 marketers at B2B and B2C organizations with sales teams. What are their priorities, strategies, and tactics? How do they measure performance? And, ultimately, how do they drive growth?

In partnership with Bizible, Radius, Reachforce and Uberflip we’re happy to announce that the 2016 edition is now available to download at

In the report, you will find data and insights that will help you understand how your fellow marketers drive growth. Here are some highlights:

  • 11% of marketers are primarily judged based on lead volume, while about 50% are judged based on pipeline, revenue, or customer generation
  • 22.2% of respondents said that word-of-mouth referrals have the greatest impact on revenue, the highest of any marketing channel or activity, with email marketing and SEO rounding out the top three
  • Marketers who identify as pipeline marketers are 119% more likely to report sales and marketing alignment, and those familiar with pipeline marketing are 48% more likely to see ROI greater than 1.5x

Download the full report here.